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Really attracted to Muslim girls..should i just convert?

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    (Original post by Goldust94)
    Hiya, i don't know whether you've resolved this issue already.. but i thought i'd give you a few bits of advice and my opinion on the issue?

    Firstly, as a muslim girl isn't allowed in her religion to marry someone of a non-muslim background unless he reverts before the marriage, but even if you were to revert to a muslim.. it should be according to your own intentions. Your intentions should be based on the fact that you want to learn more about the religion and you want to convert for your ownself, not so you can be with someone or marry them, because then that defeats the object of reverting.

    But other then that, I'd say express your feelings.. but don't rush into anything, because she may feel pressurised if she has the same feelings, and doesn't want to hurt her family yet can't hide her feelings either.
    Revert? He wasn't a muslim before....
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    (Original post by Pinkhead)
    Revert? He wasn't a muslim before....
    Every child is born a Muslim. Then, due to their family and upbringing etc. they become the follower of another/no religion.
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    (Original post by missgeorgia)
    Every child is born a Muslim. Then, due to their family and upbringing etc. they become the follower of another/no religion.
    That makes no sense. To be a Muslim, you need to believe in the teachings of Islam. A newborn is not a Muslim.
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    Muslims CAN marry to non-Muslims but that non-Muslim must atleast belong to another religion or have a belief in the existence of god. Unfortunately from what I know about pakistani people, they don't like their kids to marry someone who isn't a pakistani (some accept arabs), so it will be hard for you to get in with her family (i may be wrong as im arab and not pakistani). regardless the best thing you can do is to announce your feelings to the girl, if she accepts and reciprocates them then you should go speak with her family, maybe they wont be as bad as you think, you could go to them and confess about your feelings for their daughter, the biggest thing they will be worried about is about the upbringing of their grandchildren and whether they'll be raised in islam, you could try to reassure them that they'll be raised up as muslims and also ask them to teach you about their religion. maybe it would work out if they find out how keen you are to give it a shot. it's best if you do this as soon as possible.
    P.S. if they agree to teach you about our religion and you dont believe in its teachings and not understands its beliefs then you shouldn't convert for her, it probably won't work out for you and you will have to live a life as someone else and who isnt truly you and you wont be happy. Also a liar will get caught at the end of the day so there wont be a point in pretending you are a believer.
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    Just research the religion & then see whether it has enough evidence for you to believe in it or not. Don't just convert/(revert) for the sake of it :yy:


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