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Guys, how does a girl get out of friend zone ???

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    This guy and I have been friends for around 5 months. I would say I am pretty close to him as I shared with him my ex story ect ect...

    I basically thought we were just in friend zone of each other's
    Well, I started thinking about going out with him...

    I will see him on Saturday this week to study together. We will probably go to my place and stay in my kitchen - i live in a uni hall.

    What should I do now?? I'm nervous Shall I cook him something? Sorry pretty lame!
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    Order a pizza or something like that to share and give a drink of the alcoholic kind to loosen both of you up xD
    wear something a bit revealing (but not totally slutty) then casually ask if he's seeing anyone or something :L
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    Alcohol is always a good thing in these situations :P

    Wear something nice...but I wouldn't make it too obvious that you've made an effort.


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