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Rape of a 21 year old Muslim girl in Kashmir by Indian soldiers

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    This is very wrong. Not all Sikhs are like this though.
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    It's very well known that the Indian army continues to commit countless atrocities, from rape to unjustified murder. It's nothing to do with being Sikh, as such people don't even adhere to the Sikh dress code or way of life. You'll find many Indian policemen with shaved beards wearing greenish turbans that match their uniforms; they, along with the rest of the police, commit horrific acts against countless civilians, the vast majority being Sikhs. The Indian army, police, and people in power are just corrupt and ****ed.
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    (Original post by NuckingFut)
    This isn't even worth replying to, but I'll bite.
    The point of my post was not to say "look, other people rape too!". The point was the bias you and your friends have in relation to news like this. When its a non muslim, you're full of your pompous little outrage. Thats perfectly reasonable, everyone is PO'ed when something horrible like that happens, no matter who the perpetrator or victim. Only when the victim is Muslim, you and your friends make it out like its no big deal, or make snide remarks about it. How hypocritical is that?

    When news threads are posted, it must be unbiased. If it has an agenda like you admit, its an opinion, not fact. So don't try and paint it that way.

    The surveys you post are commissioned by people who have an obvious bias. If the survey isn't bs to start with, it will be manipulated to suit a particular agenda. To top it off, the surveys are never of a proportion of Muslims as it claims to represent. 50 muslims given ambiguous questions by telephone won't give any objective conclusion.
    Perhaps you want to re-read the OP, because that's exactly what it was saying. As regards rplies to the topic, of course I'm talking about the OP, not your post :facepalm2:

    I'll spell iy out for you again though. Muslim/Pakistani men are comitting a disproportionate amount of rapes in our society today. There is a permeating culture amongst some Asian Muslims that such things are somewhat ok because non-Muslim girls are worth less than their Muslim girls. So when yet another Pakistani/Asian Muslim rapes a non-Muslim in Britain, you're going to perfectly legitimatley get those responses. Got a problem with that? Stop the Pakistani/Asian Muslim guys raping people :fyi:

    And which survey is that? Certainly not the one that polled Muslim Uni students and mutliple Unis around the country, polling hundreds of Muslims with unbiased and unambigious questions which came back with a result saying 30% of them agreed with religious violence. :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by user1-4)

    There was another thread about Sikhs protesting about the rape of an indian girl. People said no indian has ever raped a muslim girl. Well here is one incident.
    So this means:

    1. The girl was not wearing a veil and was asking for rape as per Islamic tradition.

    2. As per Sharia law, the girl has to have a witness since her testimony is worth half of a mans. Otherwise she is lying.

    What a pointless post.
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    (Original post by DynamicSyngery)
    Ever in the totality of human history? That seems like a rather silly thing to say.
    why are you people ripping on me? I am not the one that said it.
    I replied in the other thread and somebody pm'd me apparently offended by my post and said that to me.


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Updated: July 5, 2012
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