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Do You Throw Away Books Or Keep Them?

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    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    As with my films, I always keep my books. Generally speaking, if it doesn't sound like it appeals to me then I won't buy it. Same with films
    Ahh, okay. Thing is my dad often buys me a book or a bunch once on a while and sometimes it's just a joke of a book that even if I did decide to give it to someone else, I'd feel bad because I've just given them a really crap book (in my opinion, of course). So, I'm usually left with books lying around that I don't even want but would hate to bin.
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    I'd rarely read a book twice, but I usually keep them or give/sell them on to someone else. I don't see why anyone would throw one away.
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    who the hell throws books away?
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    Keep them, though most of them are in boxes in the loft. I only give them to a charity shop or sell them on ebay when someone buys me a book I already have.
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    So go to charity and some stay at home

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    I will slay them where they lie. No. I will cellotape them with love and care, or donate them to a charity shop if they're in alright condition. Bin a book? Never! Or lend them to friends and if they like them then I'll tell them just to keep it, after all, it's better that it goes to a good home. Guess my mothers librarian philosophies have rubbed off on me.

    Unless the book has actually started to dissolve, there is no excuse for binning it! Ever!
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    I would never throw books away,I tend to either give them to friends,donate to charity shops,or sell online,so that someone else can enjoy them. If the book was in really really bad condition,pages missing,weak spines etc.. I might recycle them.
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    I keep them because I'm a hoarder. :shh:
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    I either keep them, sell them or give them to other people/charity shops.


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Updated: July 15, 2012
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