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Van Persie confirms he WILL NOT extend his contract.

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    (Original post by L18)
    Football clubs exist to win trophies lad. End of.

    Its a jarg trophy, but its a trophy.
    Wouldn't say it's a jarg trophy entirely. It can actually be more interesting than the FA Cup. Although you'd think a fan of a side who hasn't won any honours for 7 years would refrain from mocking others who have, you know, won something recently.
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    Hasn't gone yet. Pre season is almost over, now would be the best time for a transfer.
    Any thoughts on RVP staying? Or is RVP and AW's relationship far too strained for him to sign a new deal and stay?
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    He wont be Staying.

    We cant pay what he wants, simple as. United/City/Juve Can.
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    (Original post by Bear_Grylls)
    He wont be Staying.

    We cant pay what he wants, simple as. United/City/Juve Can.
    You also cant win things. Like they can.
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    Isn't RVP training with the team in Germany right now? Strange.


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