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Trainee pilots stranded in Florida

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    Saw this on the news today:

    Irish trainee pilots stranded in Florida and facing loss of €80,000 as aviation school ends course

    Must be painful, no? Losing that much money is a lot :eek: over the average yearly wage for a hell of a lot of people. I wonder what they're going through - someone's parents have borrowed around 100,000 EUR just for to course


    PS, it's not just Irish students, there's also some form the UK and the rest of Europe.
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    nah you will need at least 200,000eur available equity in your house to borrow 100k on it and the mortgage will need to be paid off. These people are not average joes despite what anyone says. Nobodies ran has pawned the family silver and no ones mom is cleaning loos to put little Timothy or Samantha through flight school.
    I am no saying it isn’t tragic the loss of so much money but you would be a fool to do it that way.
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    Additional if you can afford 100k for flight school you can find 1k for an economy ticket back home
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    (Original post by UPPSY)
    Additional if you can afford 100k for flight school you can find 1k for an economy ticket back home
    Not entirely.

    Many places offer finance schemes. Some, such as British Airways, will train pilots on a loan and you pay it back when you're employed with them.

    The going rate is about £95-£100k though for the entire course, plus a section will be spent in fair-weather areas (such as Florida).

    They might not have any money at all to get back, but presumably their course consists of some transport fees, so the plane fare should already be in their budget.
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    Most of these kids' parents took out loans and mortgages.
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    (Original post by ct2k7)
    Most of these kids' parents took out loans and mortgages.
    More fool them
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    (Original post by UPPSY)
    More fool them
    Yeah, how dare parents try to help their offspring achieve their dreams! The evil enabling goons... :rolleyes:

    Are you always this stupid or are you making special effort today?
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    (Original post by UPPSY)
    More fool them
    For the record,



    There'll be more tomorrow.


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Updated: July 5, 2012
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