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Medicine studies in ... Poland ?

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    Hi !

    I'm a secondary-school student in France and I think to undertake undergraduate courses in medicine in one year. The idea to study abroad is taking more and more importance in my mind.

    I've heard, from press articles and TV report, that a country attracts more and more foreign students : Poland.

    Medicine programs are taught in English, and the polish education enjoys a good international recognition.

    I would like to get your opinion about it please, notably regarding :
    - the application to polish universities
    - the reconnaissance of polish diplomas

    If some of you have studied, are studying or will study in Poland, do not hesitate to share your experience.

    Thanks a lot !
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    there are indeed more and more foreign students here in Poland and more and more courses, including medicine, are offered in English.
    The application process usually takes place via internet, but there it's not centralised (there is no website like UCAS), so you should take a look on the websites of the universities. Requirements vary, so make sure you check them!
    I don't know anything about the recognition of the Polish diplomas, but since we are in the UE they should be recognised in Europe.
    If you have more questions fire away or PM me. ;)


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