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A Blazer?

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    Meant to post this here, but put it in the main forum instead. Oh well.

    (Original post by Astronomical)
    So I have this suit jacket, and I was wondering whether I'd be able to pass it off as a blazer and wear it casually.

    I can post a picture if need be, but it basically looks like this one here I found on google:
    Attachment 161621

    What do you think?

    Also, on the subject of blazers, does anyone know of any brands/shops/whatever that make them quite short, and very tailored at the waist? I don't mean short as in sleeve length, but rather how far below my belt it ends. I'm in the market for one, as you might have guessed. Anybody tried one off
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    As far as casual blazers go that is fairly business formal. The pin stripe would make it hard to pull of as casual and the grey wouldnt really blend into most casual outfits (say; jeans and an oxford and some loafers). Because it is a formal suit blazer its also quite long (typically covering your bum). Most casual blazers will be shorter

    If you want a casual blazer I would recommend something like a linen blazer in navy. Very versatile and hard to mess up


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Updated: July 6, 2012
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