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Write one small everyday things that annoys you

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    When I go to the store, I always forget one item
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    The noise people make when the cough. reeaaallly irritates me. Even if it's me coughing
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    Stubbing your toe.
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    Hearing all the stupid girls at school tell me how they're gunna have a huge makeover and personality transformation, and find a nice boyfriend this weekend. They turn up on monday looking exactly the same as they did on friday. And boyfriendless.
    God, they need to get a life.

    Mind you, I am the one sitting here on tsr on a friday when I could be out with friends. Maybe that says more about me haha
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    People who walk really, really slowly in the school corridors. Year 7s and 8s seem to be the main perpetrators, although the teachers aren't much better either.
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    Sometimes my bread gets stale before i finish the loaf
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    patronizing people who say 'does this make sense??' after every sense like you are stupid or something.
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    people chewing with their mouth open, dogs and cats licking, people who chew REALLY loudly

    also, people who are walking by themselves and eating. they just look stupid and lonely. does my head in!
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    How my mum gets me up stupidly early!
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    Pedestrians who walk into me/ my path when there's clearly alot of space on the pavement and also groups of friends/couples who block the whole pavement when i'm in a hurry to get to college on time so I have to walk around them in the road
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    Going to get something delicious out the fridge only to find somebodys eaten it!

    Or when my brother opens packets of ham and doesn't put clingfilm round it, I will go psycho over uncovered ham.
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    kids having absolutely zero volume control. Is it absolutely necessary to SHOUT at me when I'm 2 feet away?
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    The margarine being left out on the kitchen counter. I don't know why people in my house (including me ) have so much trouble putting it back in the fridge?!
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    My hands getting greasy after eating a pack of crisps.
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    The sound of people eating.

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    Plug sockets being left switched on when nothing is plugged into them. REAALLLY irks at me, and if i can get a chance to do it i HAVE too turn it off!
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    People who can't eat quietly.
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    People that can't walk straight! When I want to walk past someone and they move all over the pavement.

    IPhones users

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    Having to untangle my earphones ......
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    Ignorant ****s that don't say thanks or acknowledge you when you hold the door open for them.

    Ignorant ****s that talk loudly into their phones on public transport.

    Bus drivers.

    Taxi drivers.

    Little kids.

    I have loads more, this is my kind of thread.


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Updated: July 17, 2012
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