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So got exam results back; Confidence knocked :( Words of wisdom please?

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    I'm studying politics and it is my first year. In the first semester I did well in exams and averaged 65. Just got my second semester results back today and I did badly. I'm devastated because I tried SO hard this semester, much harder than I did in winter semester, yet I still did badly. I thought the exams went really well too.

    I was doing two politics modules and an optional module this semester, which was religion. I got 70 in religion, which I know I should be happy about but I feel sad because I need to do well in politics, not religion which is a subject I will never be studying again, because I can't. I have ended the year with 63, which I know isn't too bad and is a 2:1, but results of 51 in these exams has really knocked my confidence and now I feel like I just can't do exams effectively and that I'm no good at my subject

    I know bad exams happen to most people at some time or other, I just need my confidence back as I was hoping I could put the effort in for a first in the next two years. Now that sounds like a pipe dream.

    Just as long as you've passed, and you're able to progress onto the second year thats all that matters.

    Find out where you went wrong. Speak to your tutor about your exam technique and also go through all the written feedback for your essays, and make a mental note of the key criticisms. First year is meant to be used as a learning curve and time to find where you are weakest.
    I didn't do great in my first year, I averaged at 63.5. I kept all the feedback from my essays and made notes when I had meetings with my tutors about my exam technique and made sure I didn't make the same mistakes twice.

    By doing this in second year I bumped my average up to 72.

    So don't be disheartened. Find out where you went wrong and learn from it.

    Talk to your tutors?

    Talk to your tutors. In my first year I averaged a 2.2 and was gutted as I'd been getting high 2.1s during the year. Most of my tutors weren't particularly helpful (just said no appeal etc) but one was very helpful, picked up my exam scripts and gave feedback on where I'd gone wrong.

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    2.1 result is a good result in your 1st year. Most unis do not even count your first year results towards your final degree classification. You still have lot of time to improve, see what revision do and do not work for you now so you don't lose out in your important years.

    First be happy that you passed. Congratulations.

    Second, prepare yourself for next year. Talk to you tutors, especially in the subject that you got your lowest marks in. See if there are any study skills classes available to help develop your academic skills for university.

    In the second year don't just work hard, work smart. Actively read ahead, so that you are in a position to ask questions to clarify your understanding during lectures or seminars. Proactively seek feedback from your lecturers on coursework and what they are looking for in exams.

    A 2.1 is good and is a good mark! I got 67% in my first year which I have just finished Its not just grades-personality (not of an egg haha), a-levels ofc, ect....................

    BUT feedback from scripts is a great way to find out more-I did and know what I need to do to get 67+ It can be done if you are a person who aims to improve But be happy with your 2.1-content is a better word-don't think 'I could have done better...' At the end of the day you get what you put in.

    Too many people say 'I can do better.' Well prove it and stop moaning. CELEBRATE!! There are many people who would love to get an education but cannot!! So value what you have!

    As many above have said, it's not a bad result at all. It's what I got in my first year and I've just completed my PhD. It's a good start so organise yourself, read widely and arrange that work/leisure balance. Look at your past feedback and see what you can learn form it. Discuss with staff what particular areas you need to develop and make sure you're not throwing easy marks away - you'd be surprised how many people work really hard and then throw easy marks away with something like poor referencing. It will be fine honestly.
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