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Is Psychology too soft an A-Level subject to get into top universities?

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    Hi all,
    I'm about to start my 6th Form in September and am currently deciding on my A-Levels. I'm looking to do probably Physics but possibly Psychology at Uni and I've been told to aim high with my Uni choices, possibly to Oxbridge.

    My current A-Level choices are Maths, Further Maths and Physics. I'll do all to full A2 qualification but I'm struggling to choose my fourth option. I've been told to choose Chemistry which I would enjoy but I was wondering if Psychology is too soft a subject to choose if I wish to get into Oxbridge?

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    No it isn't.
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    Do what you enjoy, that's what you'll do best in, as long as you have the subjects they ask for.
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    Psychology is a respected A-Level
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    A friend of mine got into Cambridge to study Politics, Sociology and Psychology (or something), and her A Levels were Sociology, Psychology and RS.
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    Psychology as a fourth subject should be OK. Have a read of this page:

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    It's considered mid-level. Would be better as a 4th subject but still does not limit you top entry if otherwise.
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    Hi! I'm in the exact same situation as you (same choices, same aims), however my interest is in German instead of Chemistry. I've been told by numerous people to do Chemistry, and another girl in my school is doing five - all four as well as German :eek:

    I decided that, as I'm definitely doing either Physics or Maths at Uni, and because I find fire scary, I'd be better off dropping Chemistry. The other factors that influenced this decision were that I generally enjoy German more than Chemistry, and it will allow me to work in another country, or work on international projects.

    Bear in mind that you'll find it easier to put the effort in to get high grades if you're doing subjects you enjoy, and from what I've been told, having higher grades in the subjects that count is better than having moderately good grades in lots of things. Having a less intense subject like Psychology may also help you with preparing for your other subjects - for example, anything you learn in Psychology about memory or methods of revision could be applied to your Physics/Maths revision.

    ...basically, as long as you can justify doing Psychology, and argue its importance to you as a qualification, in relation to your other subjects, go for it!
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    Thanks to everyone so far for your help I was wondering if there is anyone who has got into either Oxford or Cambridge to do a degree such as Maths or Physics (or another science) with Psychology as one of four A-Levels?
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    (Original post by BenH16)
    Thanks to everyone so far for your help I was wondering if there is anyone who has got into either Oxford or Cambridge to do a degree such as Maths or Physics (or another science) with Psychology as one of four A-Levels?
    If its your fourth a level it really doesn't matter. The vast majority of applicants will only have three a levels and one as level, and unis don't care what the fourth as was in.


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