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What period would you want to go to?

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    Just to start off the answers:

    I'd like to see Ancient Egypt.

    The way of seeing the very foundations of civilization, the conception of the great pyramids and the elaborate tombs created by the peoples of the time.
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    Would love to visit Ancient Rome and see the Colosseum come to life (as long as I'm not actually fighting as a gladiator!)
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    Ancient Greece! Me love them ancients too!

    + Naked men in the olympics (which sadly i wont get to see as i am female *sighs* )
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    Do you realise how wrong this thread title sounds?
    (or is it just me )
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    World war 1 and 2, that would blow my mind!

    Can you just imagine? london in chaos, looking up in the sky and seeing the dog fights, seeing the normandy landing with your own eyes. The battle of the somme, dont get me wrong it would be terrifying and not a 'pleasant' thing but it would be truely spectacular from a historical perspective if you were like just there (couldnt be killed) like a bit like Dumbledore's pensieve.
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    (Original post by Nice.Guy)
    Do you realise how wrong this thread title sounds?
    (or is it just me )
    Until now it was just you, then I've just figured!
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    1960's and live onwards from there, seeing beatles/led zeppelin/pink floyd live, will do me just fine, and I get to win millions in correctly guessing the outcomes of various sporting events...(and lottery numbers)
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    Britain in the mid-18th century, to see the beginnings of the modern world.
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    VE Day. :daydreaming:

    Or some random time in 1944 during WWII so I could be one of the young women ravaged by an American soldier in Hyde Park.
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    The future of course.

    Why does everyone want to dwell on the past?
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    Medieval period and stop the crusades, make Saladin and Richard join forces and conquer the world. MWHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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    (Original post by Nice.Guy)
    Do you realise how wrong this thread title sounds?
    (or is it just me )
    I though that first I was like WAHH?
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    Jurassic period!!! I wanna see the dinosaurs 'cause I'm just that cool :')
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    The period before the big bang! Then, I wouldn't exist, but I would !
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    Game of Thrones
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    I would want to go to the mid 1980's cos of the music and fashion!
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    The late 80's/90's, for the music. Or the beginning of the world/universe to see how it was actually created
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    Paris, 1789, for the start of the French Revolution.
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    (Original post by Kenan and Kel)
    Game of Thrones
    Winter is coming :sexface:
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    Feudal Japan. The only problem is that I'm black though; but I figure, if they let Tom cruise become a samurai, why not me?


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