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General advice needed on life steps.

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    Hi All,

    In a sticky situation which I need to make my next steps carefully and soon. Basically I have two options which both have positives and negatives. I got myself into around 9,000 worth of debt whilst being at University (Landlord was awful - never paid rent and then charged us for loads of damage to the house and also numerous other debts)

    Stay at my job
    -Earn just above national minimum wage
    -Pay full rent to parents.
    -Be unhappy in a job with NO prospects and a bunch of morons.
    -No way to save money as paying debts off.

    Convert my HND into a full degree
    -More career prospects (I eventually want to do a PGCE)
    -Enter a debt relief order which will wipe my 9,000 debt. And start fresh.
    -Work part time and earn proximately 100.00 a week.
    -Be generally much happier in life and not feel my education was wasted.

    What you reckon? some much needed advice from anyone would be amazing
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    You seem to have already made your decision. Convert.
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    Yes, that is my decision but a choice this big never comes without negatives..
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    Judging by the post, the benefits of converting seem to far outweigh the benefits of staying in your job. Go for it.
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    It is true there is a lot of benefits for it. But scared of the negatives.... has anyone ever handed a 1 month notice in at work? how did they treat you?


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Updated: July 8, 2012
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