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Hairy guys vs shaved guys ?

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    Do you think guys should leave their body hairy or shave their chest, belly pits etc ?
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    I'm not that fussed about a man being hairy, as long as it isn't literally black fur all over his whole body!
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    I can't say I'm fussed tbh. I prefer a smooth chest but my boyfriend is particularly hairy and I'm not bothered. I do like hairy armpits and hairy legs on a guy though.
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    I like hairy armpits and legs on guys, I don't see why a guy would shave them :lolwut:. I do however like a guy with a shaved head.
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    I do worry about this myself; I shave my chest
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    Got to keep it tidy ya know, The gorilla look of bygone times is somewhat out of fashion now, i have yet to see any male model, tv star etc etc covered in fluff
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    I like some body hair but am not particularly attracted to gorillas.
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    Pits MUST be shaven !! Everywhere else in moderation I suppose ( i.e not really fussed )... hair on the legs is nice ^_^
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    hairy chest is seeeexxxyy <3 but must have a clean shaven face!

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    Not loving back hair but a little chest hair is ok. Everywhere else is fine.

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Updated: July 13, 2012
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