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Do you smoke?

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    Been smoking for about 10 years, I wish I never started and would stop. I keep saying I will but I never do...
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    I never smoked really and I still can't stand the smell! It's like I get an acute asthma attack when I smell cigarette smoke.
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    Nope, never tried, been offered many times when sober/drunk but never really felt the need.

    I work in a shop now and seeing that a 12 pack is now on average 7 odd pound just made me stay way clear
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    (Original post by Wilfred Little)
    I don't but I used to. I have added a poll, just click yes or no. If you do any of the folowing:

    • Smoke when you're drunk
    • Smoke socially
    • Smoke when you go out
    • Hardly ever smoke

    Then you're a smoker so click yes.
    No but all of my friends smoke and I usually talk whilst they are smoking so I'm inhaling second hand smoke so it's probably just as bad. I smoked for about a year then stopped. I also use to smoke water pipes/hookah/shisha practically every other day then stopped aswell haven't smoked that in about 2/3 years same with cigarettes.
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    Yes I smoke, I will give up upon the birth of my first child.
    How noble of you.
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    Does smoking weed count? :L
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    (Original post by Eldedu)
    I like this idea.

    (Original post by Tahooper)
    How noble of you.
    What is your problem?
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    Never smoked, and not keen on trying to
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    No, tried it once when I was 12 I think and hated it, never again.
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    What is your problem?
    What difference does having a child make?
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    I've smoked once in my 18 years of life. How does that make me a "smoker"?

    That's like saying if you've gambled once you are a "gambler"

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    I don't smoke and I never have, I don't intend to ever take up the habitat either.
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    *sighs* I'm sick and tired of reading posts *****ing about second hand smoke when they're walking down the street when quite frankly they have absolutely no clue about what they're saying.

    Or just the whole "smoking is bad for you and because of that I'm gonna hate you" post.

    Blarg I'm just annoyed, need a fag ><
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    No, it's disgusting

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    (Original post by Tahooper)
    What difference does having a child make?
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    No. It's disgusting.
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    i tried but didnt like it. it gave a weird taste in my mouth and felt ill for a day.
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    (Original post by cid)
    Been smoking tobacco since i was 19, started after i stopped smoking other things :bong:

    I quit for 7 months, but then started again, i was sitting under a tree towards the end of December about to swim/walk through a frozen lake and someone offered me a cigarette.

    When i was abroad i could get 20 cigs for 50 c US, and was smoking 60 a day, but in the UK i cut down to 30 - 40, now i am unemployed and due to become a full time student in Sept i have switched onto rollies... but I'm on my last duty free pouch and I'll be damned if I'm paying UK prices as a student, so I'll probably quit.

    Or spend my time at uni sifting through the kitchen bin for takeaway leftovers so that i can afford to smoke ...we'll see.
    You won't quit, addict.
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    (Original post by theonefrombrum)
    - Get a massage
    - have a ****
    - have a ****
    - get a phone
    - get a better phone

    All viable alternatives to your dilemmas which wont put your lung health at risk.

    Ok in all honesty, I'm more curious as to why you started in the 1st place and dont be ashamed to admit that you did it to be cool/your friends were doing it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've got stupidly drunk because of peer pressure/doing what I thought I should when I was out. I just genuinely can't think of any other reasons why someone would start smoking.
    It doesn't reflect well on me, but to be perfectly honest I started smoking because I noticed during a trip to France that one of the easiest ways of starting a conversation with the fittest girls was to ask/be asked for a cigarette...but only if you had one or wanted to smoke one of course.

    I found I liked it, and I've smoked ever since.


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