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ASDA Job Application

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    I just had an interview for ASDA this morning and I just recieved this email:

    Thanks very much for attending our recent Asda Magic assessment centre and interview to join our team here at Asda. We were very impressed with your skills and attitude and the great news is that we’d really like to offer you a position.
    The not so great news is that unfortunately at the moment we don’t have any vacancies available that match your skills and requirements.

    All is not lost though – and we hope you’ll bear with us. For the next 6 months, we will keep your details on our system and as soon as a suitable position comes up we’ll contact you directly to discuss it. As you have already attended a Magic assessment centre and been through the interview process, you won’t need to go through this again, we’ll just invite you into the store for a quick chat about the role. Rest assured you’re right at the front of the queue when a new vacancy does come up.

    My question is; is this a 'sorry you were unsuccessful but we are going to pretend to care but never contact you again' or do they really mean what they wrote. Has anyone got any experience of ASDA doing this? The first couple of lines really gave me hope that I had got the job :mad:

    I doubt it, This happened to me at tesco, but lots of other people may have done the same thing though.
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    It's so annoying. It had good hours and was temporary so it would have taken me up to the point of starting uni.

    aww that is so sad

    "Thankyou for your interest in joining the team at asda. We have experienced a high volume of applicants for this role and we have now closed the role, and we are sorry to say that we are unable to process your application any further on this occassion. This does not effect your application to any othervacancies with asda. We appreciate your enthusiasm and that you've take the time and trouble to send us your details. We wish you luck in your job search, please keep checking the asda website for more vacancies" Okay so this was an email i got sent after attending asda magic and after being called back for an interview. It doesnt make sense. It sounds like something they would send automatically after the online application was unsuccessful. Not only that but i got told i would be called on monday if successful or not, there was 8 jobs with 9 applicants and i was certain i did well. Also got told during asda magic that my account would be coded red if i tried to apply for more jobs IF i was unsuccessful. This email tell me i can apply agin. So confused and angry, what did other asda magic/intervewee people gett to tell them that they were unsuccessful???.

    Not only that but the manager told me the 9th person who wasnt successful with the role they applied for, would be given a job in a different department anyway....

    OMG!!! Just received the exact same email earlier!!! And my question is the same!.. Is this just a polite way of saying 'forget it you were unsuccessful', or do they really mean it??


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