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High School Percentile

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    I was wondering where my school fell in terms of achievement compared to the rest of the country to try and further quantify how "privileged" I've been with the education system

    Is there anyway I can find a rough percentile of my school? Either from this or more likely; from another method which I've completely overlooked.

    Found this from league tables online:

    School average point score: per student | per exam entry
    High School A. 910 | 244
    High School B. 810 | 235
    England average. 728.2 |213.1
    Point score defined as: The average number of points netted per pupil at the institution taking AS/A-level or equivalent qualifications (don't really know what this means, don't think its UMS points)

    Percentage with 5 A*-C grades at GCSE inc English and Maths
    High School A 98% (Selective)
    High School B 70%
    England average 58.2%

    Ive rounded the schools scores in some cases



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Updated: July 9, 2012
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