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Any info on this area?

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    I currently live in city centre but am considering moving to a house in S9 - 20 minute walk away from Meadowhall station. The house is so beautiful..
    Any views on this area?
    I'm living with my partner and his brother, 2 of us go to uni (sheff and hallam) and 1 travels to work by train.
    Just wondering if anyone knows anything good/bad about this area please? I've only lived in Sheffield for a year so don't know anything about good/bad parts of Sheffield.
    The house is just off Standon Road/Woodbury Road if that helps.
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    what is the name of the actual area though?
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    As a local (come from 5 mins away) I know the area.

    Its pretty average, pushing just (very slightly) below.

    Imagine crime is a tad higher than the average for the UK.

    Be wary that if you are commuting it will be hell at times. You are very close to J34 and Meadowhall. The junction of Ecclesfield Road and Fife St is a bottleneck and can cause traffic problems. You are also on the edge of a large industrial and employment area which has few routes intersecting it, rush hour will be a problem if you have 9am lectures.

    The good news is public transport links are very good (M1, Meadowhall rail, tram and bus interchange within a 10 minute walk).

    If I were you i'd consider the city centre. Commuting isn't desirable. Crookes could offer what you want.

    EDIT: Yeah, that probably is more of a 20 minute walk.


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