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Are you slim, average, chunky, or fat? (Guys only)

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    Do you consider yourself being slim, average, chunky, or fat? (in terms of weighting)
    Only for males, females should go to the releated thread.
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    Slim, going to try and get a bit more 'average' over the summer holidays though!
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    I'd say Chunky.
    I've got love handles and a belly but hopefully not for long.
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    I was pretty slim, a little more bulky now though. Planning on losing a bit because I'm getting to the point of not wanting to look at myself in the mirror.
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    tall and muscular, where is that option
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    chunky is fat I reckon...
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    In terms of this I'm "skinny" but I'm probably bordering more on skinny-fat.

    We got a freezer last month and it's my first opportunity to have ice cream at home. This is entirely my fault. Back to oranges
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    I'm nether slim, neither average, not chunky nor fat. Wheres my option? You need to put the body of Olympus option. In all seriousness a muscular option needs to be added.
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    As previously posted, an option of muscular is definitely needed.
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    (Original post by AspiringGenius)
    I'm probably bordering more on skinny-fat.
    Sorry, how can someone be skinny-fat? haha
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    What does 'chunky' mean? :ninja:
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    I'm fairly average in weight.
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    (Original post by Stevo F)
    Sorry, how can someone be skinny-fat? haha
    Like this:

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    (Original post by Stevo F)
    Sorry, how can someone be skinny-fat? haha
    It's where you look skinny with clothes on, but are actually a bit overweight
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    (Original post by Stevo F)
    Sorry, how can someone be skinny-fat? haha
    I'm guessing that means built with a small frame but not particularly toned i.e. a bit soft around the podgy bits!
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    Statistally, we should see either a bell curve centered on average, the complete opposite of that.
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    How is it that the average option, does not seem to be the average?
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    This time last year I was definitely skinny but year 12 has taken it's toll on me ! Through a combination of eating much more and running far less I've slipped down to pretty average.

    Now that exams are over I'm back to running three times a week and I'm watching my diet again. I'm aiming to go somewhere in the middle - lean but not weak and skinny.
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    (Original post by Becca)
    Like this:

    One on the right is just plain skinny though...
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    Fairly chunky and bordering on fat these days. I don't think people think 'that guy is fat' when they look at me, but I've certainly got a belly and that's something I'm definitely working on.

    University was my demise :no: Hoping to go back to a 32 waist like I was before uni after having chubbied up to a massive 36 -_-


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