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Help with oyster cards!!

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    I'm going to London for university soon and I was wondering whether anyone would help me with the oyster card system is it just for tubes or can I uSe it for buses as well? And I'm confused with the zones I have to pick and lastly do I have to wait to get the student oyster card in London ? Any other information for someone who is going to be living London. Anything is helpful !! Thank you !!
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    The oyster card can be used on tube, buses, some trains and DLR. (Docklands Light Railway)
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    You can't get your student oyster until you've confirmed your place at uni... Once you start you'd be better off getting a monthly travel card for the zones that cover where you're staying and where your uni is e.g. If you go to UCL but you're staying in wood green you'd get a a travel card for zones 1-3 (that is, if you're not within walking/ bus distance; if you're within bus distance get a monthly bus pass)

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    It's only worth getting a student Oyster card if you travel regularly on tbe tube/bus/DLR as you only get discounts if you buy a weekly/monthly travel pass. For example, I was making regular travel across London for work so it made sense for me to get the student card as it would allow me to save money.

    You can still get discounts on travel with a normal Oyster if you link it up with your young persons rail card. I think then this capps the daily limit and allows you to travel for cheaper. If you aren't going to be using transport often, this is deffo the option to choose.


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Updated: July 10, 2012
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