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Estate Agent won't reply to my emails

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    I am a student at Liverpool and my "actual house" is in London. Last year we lived in a student house and this year we have split up. However we still need to get our deposit back. I haven been trying to keep a written record with the estate agent just incase they try any "funny business" and try and keep our deposit however I am not having any luck.

    I have emailed them three times about telling them to send me the outgoing inventory and a monthly breakdown of our bills. No reply. Today is Wednesday. I sent one email on Thursday, one on Monday and another yesterday.

    They wanted us to send them some bank details so they can give us our deposit after everythings been done. Yesterday I sent that and asked them to reply once they have received the email. No reply.

    What should I do now? I might be over-reacting and trying to be too cautious but I feel its better to be overly cautious rather than be too easy going and risk losing my deposit.
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    If your rental started last year then your deposit should have been lodged in the one the deposit schemes. So in theory your deposit should be safe. Have a look at http://www.confused.com/money/articl...y-confused-com

    You are assuming that the person that you sent the email to, was in the office and in a position to respond to your e-mail. If they have not responded by Monday, chase them with another e-mail, asking them to clarify how long it will take to process your deposit refund. Check your paper work about what scheme your deposit was being held under. If they continue to be unresponsive you can contact whoever is administering the scheme. It may take time, but since 2007, there is some protection for tennants deposits.
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    Phone them.
    Or physically walk into their office.

    Have all your questions and demands prepared as well as your answers and planned actions.
    Estate Agents will try to walk all over you because you're young.
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    Ask them if the deposit is protected in a deposit protection scheme. This is very important and will get their attention - if the deposit is not protected with a scheme then they are acting illegally and you will automatically be entitled to all of your deposit back (plus possibly 1-3x more in compensation).


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Updated: July 11, 2012
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