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Photo ID help and University help! PLEASE!

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    Ok I ran into a problem, first I'll give a summary:

    -I have an American passport and a Polish passport, I'm in UK through being from the EU.
    -Both passports just expired.
    -Having HUGE problems renewing them and not sure I will be able to do it within the next year...
    -I need photo ID for UKCAT but on the website it says I can use a provisional license.

    Can I get a provisional license with a birth certificate?

    Secondly, will I NEED a passport for when I go to university or can I somehow pass by without a passport and just a provisional license and birth certificate as that is all I got (well I don't got provisional license but if I can get it)? Because I'm foreign and in UK through my polish passport as I'm here as a EU person, do I need to prove I'm legally here?? How would I do this???????????

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it as I'm stressing so much worrying if I will have to be forced into a gap year or not.

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    Bein an EU citizen you have no need to prove youre legally here as by definition you are so dont worry about that
    for getting the passports i cant believe it would take up to a year?! just go down to the embassies and they all have emergency issuing procedures if you desperatly need one and you can get one within a day, maybe the same day [itll cost you though..]
    provision license im not sure about though as i think you need to be a citizen of the UK to get one [npot to sure on that though] you could always order a polish one and then have it mailed to your UK residence though?
    Photo ID isnt to bad though you should be able to order one of those citizen cards with the pass logo which is legal ID
    and finally when you say you need one for uni is this just for getting served or do they demand to see a passport? being the former just get a citizen card or the like as theyll work just as fine and for the latter there will be a list of acceptable forms of ID and i believe even an expired passport should work, unless you look very different in the picture? Birth certificates on their own dont usually work though as youll need photo proof aswell maybe a uni card would work ?
    Good luck with your problems though!


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Updated: July 12, 2012
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