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Anyone else dreading..

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    (Original post by Theturnbull9)
    teachers giving me some serious stink eye.

    I hate waiting to be given results at college because our teachers were just their staring at us last time and it made me nervous as hell!
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    holy **** :/ this thread is making me so nervous
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    (Original post by Mr Dangermouse)
    Do English students not get their results sent in the post like in Scotland? :confused:
    Yes, they can, but that would arrive the day after
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    (Original post by tdkr)
    holy **** :/ this thread is making me so nervous
    Same here. But I just keep coming back, knowing I am not alone in my nerve-wracked carrot cake craving.
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    (Original post by JoeK)
    Man, you were so lucky. Nobody I know got on . The nervous tension filling the hallway before we could get our results at school was amazing.

    Good luck tomorrow
    Haha most people knew their results before they got in

    Managed to scrape a 1st. S'all good in the hood


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Updated: July 12, 2012
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