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(2012) Clearly some extremists are doing some planning - Al Quaeda terror suspect..

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    (Original post by noteraz)
    Don't risk your life to watch an individual running 100 metres. There's too much sh*^ going and ignoring is not a good idea.

    Watch it LIVE from the safety of your own home relaxing on your sofa with your 50 inch HD 3D tele on.
    Think how I might feel - I've been employed to work in security for the Olympics! And it's a hard offer to turn down in this crap economy considering the good money and the fact that every other of the 100s of job I've applied to have rejected me
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    (Original post by noteraz)

    200,000 body bags being prepared:

    Evacuation of London and body bags prepared? :holmes:

    This evacuation of London wouldn't happen to be Operation Sassoon would it? :holmes:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sassoon ......... Something that has been around since 2003! (before we even won the bid for 2012) :pierre:

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    An employee for security firm G4S has told Sky News he believes there is a 50-50 chance someone could carry a bomb into one of the Olympic venues.

    The man, who was involved in training employees for the company, alleges that because of the pressure to recruit staff corners have been cut and some of the staff are not up to the job.

    The employee, whose identity Sky News is not revealing, said there is a "no fail" policy for security staff and all recruits passed the course regardless of how competent they were.

    Staff members - who had received two days of intensive training operating X-ray machines to detect lethal weapons and explosives - failed to spot decommissioned hand-grenades and firearms during a test.
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    Just saw this news story on Sky News, pretty shocking.
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    (Original post by NutterFrutter)
    Just saw this news story on Sky News, pretty shocking.
    Yeh and the government had decided to throw in another 3.5k troops.

    Why don't we just have a massive millitary parade instead.
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    (Original post by Darkphilosopher)
    I'm getting a bit paranoid now as I'm going to see the mens 100m. I really do hope nothing bad happens

    Either way, I'll be wearing this when I go;
    Dude, I wouldnt worry about it. In America, you are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack. The statistics for the UK is probably not that far off.

    Go enjoy yourself.
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    It would be far easier to attack something in London not part of the games but during the games than attempt to attack the games themselves.

    The thing that will protect us during the games will the intelligence services not random bag checks.
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    (Original post by NutterFrutter)
    Just saw this news story on Sky News, pretty shocking.
    Yep, just saw it now too. (Lol, made another thread).

    G4S's shambolic 'planning' and 'admin' just gets worse.
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    Lol ww3, you've been playing too much call of duty mate
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    The closest event to me is the sailing at Weymouth and Portland (which is still a good 30 miles away), so unless 'terrorists' have access to a bucketload of caravels I think I'll be alright.
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    Isn't Al-Qaeda now being run by the West, a bit like the CIA's terrorist group?



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Updated: July 14, 2012
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