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Societies in second year

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    I didn't join any societies in my first year as I'm pretty shy around new people. I REALLY regret this so I was just wondering whether it's normal to join societies in your second year, or does everyone join in their first year? I know this may seem stupid but I've never been part of a society to know what it's like.
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    Yes yes yes join societies!! You can do it at any point during your degree and it is totally fine. In some ways I reckon it might be easier to do in later years because you're more established and generally more confident.
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    awesome! I'll try and join lots in September
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    Could I join a sports society if I have no real experience in the sport except for doing it during P.E. and really enjoying it?
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    (Original post by throughthemonsoon)
    Could I join a sports society if I have no real experience in the sport except for doing it during P.E. and really enjoying it?
    Varies from society to society. Most likely, yes. Usually there will be provision for those who want to compete and those who just want to play for fun.
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    (Original post by brainfixes)
    I dont think it is strange for someone not to join a society in the first year. I have not yet found one at my university and I'm going to start my own one in the second year so I can still have fun!
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    Do it! I know loads of people who have joined in their second / third year, and most people don't even realise that they're second / third years anyway. It's not weird at all!
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    I'm going into second year now and I didn't join any clubs/societies in first year either.

    And like you, I'm planning to join some this year! With the Fresher's novelty gone, I need a new way to meet more people. Societies are definitely the way to go.
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    I didn't join my first society until second year and now I'm going to be helping out at the society stall at the next fresher's fair. I'm thinking of applying to more next year, too. Do it!
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    I joined my Uni's snowsports team in second year as it was something I had wanted to do in First year but never got the chance. They welcomed me as they would anyone and I had such a great time. Go for it!
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    The good thing about societies is that it is generally a mixed bunch. 1st years - Mature postgrads. Some existing members some new. Which is great and welcoming


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