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Do you avoid your friends when you know that they have a cold?

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    Not really.

    But my little sister had some vomiting bug a few weeks ago and I was literally pushing her away.
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    When I was studying (GCSEs/A-levels/uni) I always avoided people who had colds during exam season. I catch them really easily. Other than that, no, I'm not really bothered.
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    Not at all. I actually sit close to my friends when they have colds too. I hardly get colds as well.
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    I imagine part of the reason I rarely get sick is that I've never done this, and my parents never used to wage chemical warfare in the house, so my immune system has been exposed to plenty and has thus built up adequate defences.

    I have a friend whose parent was the exact opposite of mine in this regard. Guess who gets sick all the time?

    Things like antibiotics are given out too readily. People should man up. And not just because it's the cool thing to do, we're simply setting our species up for disaster at the moment.


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