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Raf Basic training

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    Hi, I start basic training for the RAF soon and i was just wondering, how hard really is the fitness? And how fit do you really have to be?
    I run usually 5 times a week about 2-3 miles ish, in the morning, do some sprints too etc. etc.

    I passed PRTC fitness test not long ago, it wasn't too bad, i pushed, but felt i could have gone a couple more levels if they hadn't of stopped us at 9.10.
    I'm just asking because usually the answer is 'be as fit as you can', i get that, but I'm a bigger guy and not the strongest runner. I think I'll do fine with other stuff but i was just wondering how hard the P-ed sessions really are! I have no issues pushing myself, but i really dont want to be a mile off the pace!
    If anyones recently come out please let me know!

    If you run that much then you shoudn't have too many issues. For your own sake though, try upping the distance of your own runs. See what it feels like to go for 4/5/6miles. Your runs at Halton can end up being that length towards the end of the course, so might as well give it a go.
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    Ok sounds good. You say towards the end, so they build you up too?

    Be below the top 10% but above the lower 50% of candidates and you should be fine, basically be in the upper quartile of your flight, that goes not just for fitness but for everything that goes with the rtc, that way you won't attract unneeded attention for yourself. Chances are your fitness will improve over the 9 weeks anyway, so as long as you pass fitness test comfortably you're theoretically ok.
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    Awesome, yeah, I will have no problem with anything else. Just ive never been a runner (hate it)! All my fitness has come from sports but im just getting into it now. I have a few weeks to improve too

    If they still do the streaming run, try and get in the top group. Will be better for your fitness over the course even if it involves the occasional beasting..! :-)


    I'm not at Rts yet but I've been told a good way to test it is to try out a British Military fitness class - you get one free trail anyway.

    I was also told to fit in some circuits classes - I tend to run 4 miles to the class, do the class and usually get a lift home Lol

    Odd pieces of advice but awsome for fitness.

    I was also advised to practice my swimming ?!?!?

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    The 'be as fit as you can' is good advice. You do not want to aim to get fit enough on the course if you have time to prepare. There are few things you can work on before basic that will pay off while you are there - fitness is one of them.

    I don't care how big you are - go out and run some more and longer and a bit faster than you do now. You will certainly not run at your own pace in training. Put some effort in now - it is worth it.


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