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Dentisty Graduate BTEC vs A levels?

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    Actually i guess this applies to the 5 year course aswell just incase i dont apply to all GED, but basically some universities require A levels (some three As but ive seen some asking Bs and Cs) my worry is that i actually did a BTEC medical science in which i got three distinctions which are suppose to be worth three As.

    Would they take that into consideration? And say if I get a 1st in my degree aswell (biomedical) on top of a high UKCAT (my GCSEs arnt too great either As Bs and Cs)

    I managed to get into Durham for biomed but now im just worried because of my past sort of lack of grades and acadamic achievments may hold me back even if i get a good UKCAT and 1st.

    Think i have a chance for dentistry? (im trying to build up lottssss of work experience aswell) Help or input would be greatttlyyyyy appreciated!! =)


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Updated: July 12, 2012
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