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Favourite non-sport Societies

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    Hi Everyone

    Im just coming into my second year at Uni of Manchester. Annoyingly, at the start of my first year I injured my leg, so wasn't able to join any of the sports societies that I would have liked to. This combined with the fact that my flat mates were pretty wild, and really into clubbing (I've always been a bit more pubbish kind of guy ) meant I never really made a solid group of friends last year.

    Can anyone recommend any non-sporting (or at least not lots of running around) societies which they have found particularly fun, and don't revolve around around clubbing?

    Keen to hear anyones thoughts
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    I've loved the Tea Society at my uni. Also the First Aid Group.
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    Gaming society! They held an event once a week and usually went to a pub afterwards. You should enjoy it :awesome:


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Updated: July 14, 2012
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