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Does the weather in England depress you.......?

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    I like the rain
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    (Original post by ReeceJ)
    No! It's the best!

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    I second this!
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    What I love about this country is that if you don't like the weather you just have to wait 5 minutes.

    But seriously I don't mind the weather. Rain is nice to think in and the sun is good to lay in.
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    You think the weather in England is depressing, come to Scotland.
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    Weather right now is slightly depressing - never know what to wear, it's cold, its dark, its cloudy, and its flippin July! Stopping me from going out for walks cus i know that if i go out i will be wet and cold and my shoes will get saturated with mud!
    Instead i am thinking the reasons behind why the weather is so naff again this summer. I reckon its down to global warming, increasing the rate of evaporation from the oceans and increasing the amount of cloud cover, meaning more rain and less sunshine! More like global cooling right now! Another ice age? lol sorry about the rant :P
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    Meh. The last month and a half have taken as a whole been about as bad as the weather can get at this time of year, and most days have still been pleasently warm by mid-day with at least a couple of hours of sunshine. I've absolutely nothing to complain about.
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    No but sun and heat definitely do!
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    Yes, unpredictability of weather patterns make planning what to wear utterly eclectic and blow any sense of planning a day out the window as the weather won't allow it. Otherwise, its what us Brits use to bond in our mutual complaining about said weather conditions.
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    Sure does...

    Although, the swimming pool that was in our living room and kitchen a couple of weeks ago was alright! Apart from the smell, like...
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    (Original post by Renacata)
    It's not the weather, it's all the things the weather's stopping us doing... I'm spending next week with friends near the coast - I want to go to the beach and have picnics and be outside! Without having to wear my hideous (but effective) raincoat...
    haha, yeh right. You go to the beach for sun, not pouring rain and rain macs....terrible
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    (Original post by ilem)
    No but sun and heat definitely do!
    lol, sun depresses you? Not sure that is even scienttifically possible, the sun by nature increases endorphins
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    (Original post by Chucklefiend)
    I'm not talking about the temperature, I'm talking about the humidity.

    Looks like we'll just have to agree to disagree.
    haha, you think its humid in the south east? Try somewhere like Sri Lanka, this is barely humid at all
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    At the moment yeah :sigh:

    Where the **** is all this rain coming from?
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    It was sunny for 2 days straight in my area too bad it's raining again
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    No, mild climate is perfect for me. I really hate hot weather as i don't enjoy sweating and i think there's something unusual about my internal thermostat, so heat= feeling very uncomfortable and generally annoyed. I also enjoy the rain.
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    If the weather was good , what would we have to complain about? and what would be the topic of awkward small talk ?
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    Scottish weather sucks too. It's not even proper rain half the time! Drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle. And it's grey. Always, always grey. Which, in a city full of granite, means I'm not sure if I can even see in colour anymore.
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    I'm finding the weather a little depressing, summer seems to be somewhat of a joke over hear but then again I did move to Scotland so I should have been expecting this.
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    As others have said i can live with it pissing it down solidly for days on end its annoying but doesnt affect me much but this bloody bi-polar weather with it being 25 degrees then rain then hot then rain then blowing a gain then bloody hail it makes it a serious pain to dress for -_-
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    I just wish I can see some sun for the odd days rather then clouds and/or rain.

    10 years ago, summer would start May/April time. I remember sitting in shorts and t-shirt in the garden over the Easter week. Even if June and July was wet, we still had a summer. And years before that, heat waves while at school.

    We're getting more Indian summers in September which I do like, as it's usually cooler then a normal hot summer.


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