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T-shirts OVER long sleeved tops

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    I do. I usually wear Primark stretch long sleeve tops with a large or median t-shirt in winter mostly I think it looks okay.

    Plus the photo you showed looks like some of those tops which come with t-shirt and long sleeves sowed together, this is pretty common for men clothes...
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    defo wear t-shirts to show of the big guns.
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    (Original post by TheGoat)

    I think it looks ok.
    I just knew that this video would be here! Hahaha
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by Agenda Suicide)
    I just knew that this video would be here! Hahaha
    Haha I was quite surprised nobody got it before me
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    Probably right guys... I love wearing t-shirt over long-sleeve t-shirt...
    - "Bit 90s" - absolutely.
    - "So gay" - that's me.
    - "Geek" - tick!

    Nobody associated it with 80s music yet... can't be long. :-)
    I think I liked that style since uniform-customisation in the first series of MI-High.
    I also wear t-shirt over hoody. Somebody asked how that works... get a big hoody and bigger t-shirt.
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    Depending on the two items, it can either look perfectly fine or hideous. Some of my friends often default to a dark thin top under a brighter shirt and it usually looks fine, though maybe that's just because a lot of them have long-sleeved binders and they decided to just integrate. I wouldn't really suggest trying it with anything but very dark colours or white, and white under black is so 90s-to-late-00s skater/probable Converse connoisseur I'd tread carefully to not gain a sudden appreciation for Franz Ferdinand or something.
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    I've been doing this for years. It's probably a little dated but I'm not one to follow what's in fashion.
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    I have always really loved this look (obviously depending on the right combination of tops...).

    I am female, but I still tend to do it sometimes, I love it for a more casual look and I do it a lot with my sport club kit too.
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    (Original post by danadd9)
    Works for Sheldon Cooper and no one else.

    Kurt Cobain?

    EDIT: Definitely did not realise how old this thread was.


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Updated: March 26, 2014
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