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Spanish Civil War

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    This has started to interest me a lot recently. Anyone know of any good websites or books with information about the politics of the war? I'm aware of Homage To Catalonia By George Orwell but not much else! Or even post if you've studied the war and know anything about it yourself!


    A good book from the Nationalist perspective is 'Mine were of Trouble' by Peter Kemp, who later became a journalist for the Spectator and covered conflicts in Central America. Only problem is that a copy is very hard to find and tends to be expensive, but you might find some extracts online. If you ever find yourself interested in the military dynamics more than the politics then Antony Beevor has a book on this war. Paul Preston also released one recently called 'The Spanish Holocaust' - the title of which received some criticism.

    I quite liked 'The real Band of Brothers' by Max Arthur it follows British Volunteers for the international brigade. Its more the tale of the common volunteer and what inspired people to join a war that as a foreign national they didn't NEED to be in.

    Anthony Beevor's Battle for Spain is excellent. Abel Paz's biography of Durutti covers a lot of the political and historical background. Also watch Ken Loach's film Land & Freedom.

    I've studied the Spanish Civil War, with heavy emphasis on the Catalan oppression that came with Franco's rule afterwards. Unfortunately I don't remember much accurately and no longer have my history book

    For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway.

    I would recommend The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction by Helen Graham. I have also recently become interested in the Spanish Civil war. I am quite interested in politics, but my knowledge of history is absolutely terrible, so I have come to this topic with zero knowledge. I read Homage to Catalonia first, and found it very accessible, if a little confusing, as he talks the POUM, CNT, UGT, anarchists, communists, without really explaining what they all are. Then I read A Very Short Introduction , which despite apparently being an introductory book I think would be a struggle without a little prior knowledge. I did make things a bit clearer though, with more explanation of the politics of the war. Next I plan to read For Whom the Bell Tolls. Then I think that will be enough Spanish civil war reading for me for now! I hope you enjoy your reading.


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