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Worried About my AS Results

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    Hi all, I wasn't sure where to place this thread, but I am thinking of repeating year 12 in the hope of getting better results. I know I probably haven't been able to put in as much effort as I should have this year as I started year 12 doing 5 subjects as I am so indecisive and didn't drop Physics until just before the January exams.
    I am targeted A grades in maths (Which I began as fast-track in year 11 and got a B at AS), art, business studies (which I actually didn't do at GCSE) and english language.
    Despite having spent the whole of KS3 and 4 being on G&T for maths and being repeatedly praised for my artwork, those are now the subjects where I expect to get the lower grades.
    I'm hoping for an A in English Language, B in business and Cs in maths and art, now, as the exams have been awful and I know art hasn't gone as well as it should due to limited amouts of coursework and exam prep, but I want to apply for courses in Illustration, particularly at UWE and the University of Lincoln.

    If I were to retake year 12, then unfortunately my younger brother will be in sixth form before I finish my A-Levels, but I could just retake my worst results in maths (Core 3 came out as a D, I don't expect Core 4 to be any better) and take History instead, as I got an A* for History at GCSE.

    As far as I can tell, these are my options:
    • Retake Year 12 and work for better results.
    • Continue to Year 13 and hope that higher grades there will cancel out poor AS results.
    • Leave sixth form, either this year or after year 13 and try a college course to gain Uni entry.
    • Apply to a different sixth form college and repeat A levels (though I'm sure the deadlines for application have gone by now).

    Any help? If you need more information to help give advice, I can provide.

    I'm just so worried because I know I want to go to uni and study Illustration or Graphic Design, but I don't think my AS results are going to be good enough!
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    (Original post by Chessen)
    [*]Continue to Year 13 and hope that higher grades there will cancel out poor AS results.
    Sorry I can't offer a LOT of help, but its worth considering that in your second year you can retake some AS modules -this could help you if you wanted to avoid an extra year (which I'm given to believe some universities look down on). If you did this you might think of dropping a subject to allow for the extra workload - as generally universities only specify 3 A2s - although you probably want to look into what the uni's you've been looking at ask for (or if you wanted to retake a year - what they think of this)
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    as long as you get above an E you be fine. Everyone does awful in AS. you can resit exams in Janurary it what i did.


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Updated: July 13, 2012
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