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Questions about Wellington Lodge and possible swap.

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    Hi I'm a foreign graduate student and I have been assigned Wellington lodge. My first problem is that I cannot find any info about it besides the LSE website. so I am unable to know if its "good" or "bad"

    secondly, it seems to be a bit far from the university? I have only been to london once ages ago so how far/difficult will it be for a new comer to manage?

    thirdly, it seems a bit costly for being so far, is this a normal price range?

    I am very confused basically and I don't want to get screwed over since I will basically have no other options (since I'm foreign and have no idea about anything) so let me know if you have any information on the residence and if your interested in a swap between wellington and something closer.
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    Same problem here i checked unite website but there were no additional information on what is posted on LSE accommodation website.

    I also emailed the accommodation office since so far i did not receive the details of the offer like the details of the room etc and they said i'll probably receive it by the end of the month or else i should call them.

    I asked about the possibility of making another choice and the accommodation office said i'll be put on a waiting list and there would be no guarantee of me receiving another offer.
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    Yes I was told the exact same thing when I called them. Honestly I would rather stay in any dorm than non, I asked around and it seems like a 8 minute bus ride or so which isn't much. It is still cheaper/safer than living privately in an apartment or something. Dunno what to do honestly haha.
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    wellington lodge is new so i dont know anyone who's been there
    but in terms of location i think it's right at the centre of london between covent garden, leicester square, westminster and waterloo and it's right next to river Thames. So in terms of living in London the location is really nice. So naturally it's expensive compared to other lse halls (I'm not sure about the halls only for graduate students) But for a single studio en suite it seems reasonable. 30min walk from lse is quite far but not a problem if you don't mind taking the tube/bus everyday
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    everyone chill out for a sec. wellington lodge is the best accommodation because i'll be there


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Updated: July 16, 2012
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