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Nexplanon Reviews?

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    Hi, I have recently had the nexplanon contraceptive implant put in but really I want to know what it was like for you personally, whether it was good or the worst experience of your life.

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    My friend had it and she put on a load of weight after a couple of months which she can't shift for love nor money now.

    Apart from that, no problems.
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    For the first few months my periods where irregular but stopped for about 9 months after that. Unfortunetly for the past few months I've had trouble with bleeding, firstly for 2 months straight and now i've just started again =/ I've tried using the pill to regulate it but it didn't work. I'll be getting it taken out now.

    Despite that though, the first year was great and I'm devastated I need to get it removed.

    I've had mine in for a week today, only lost my virginity yesterday, hoping it's done it's job :P!
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    Hard to give feedback...ladies seem to have rather diverse feedback while on the implant - some do great, some don't.

    Some doctors have them be on a progesterone-only pill (the so-called "mini-pill") for a few months, as that's the same hormone the implants use - so in theory it'll help them figure out how their body will react to the implant/whether it's worth getting the implant. Other than that, you'll just have to wait and see!
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I've had mine in for a week today, only lost my virginity yesterday, hoping it's done it's job :P!
    my implant is a month old on Monday and I have had no signs of bleeding yet so hopefully mine will be alright.

    Great. Had implanon then switched to nexplanon. No periods, no side effects. Love it.
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    Same as the above, although I went from the pill to nexplanon since the pill made me gain weight. No side effects and no periods. And no babies as of yet.

    I've been on the Nexplanon implant for 5 weeks now. I've been on my period for nearly 3 weeks constantly and I can't cope! It's completely stopped my sex life, which sort of defeats the object. I can see why it's such a good contraceptive, though - cos it stops me from being able to have sex at all! I'm gonna go to the clinic and request to have it taken out as the whole point of me having it was so that I could have sex without worrying about getting pregnant, but all it's done is stopped me from being able to have sex.
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    Still no problems as of yet, just random spotting and my skin trying to adjust, i've noticed that my face has gotten really oily lately but i'm not sure whever it's because of the ever-changing weather or the implant.
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    I got my Nexplanon put in in March and although I've had no bleeding, except for some after a hectic day at Thorpe Park, I'm hoping to get it taken out asap. My hair has become so greasy, having to wash it every day, whereas I used to get by with every other day. I have the worst mood swings, cry at literally everything! And I've put on weight, a stone in three months, and its increasing, even though I've made a conscious effort to up my exercise, eat healthy and cut out the bad stuff.
    It's basically driving me insane so I'm getting it out, just a shame because I'm in no way missing the periods!!
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    I had the nexplanon implant put in last October. To begin with I encountered a lot of the negative side-effects, terrible hormonal mood-swings (I'm usually a very passive person!) headaches and irregular, long and heavy periods that took along time to completely settle down. I persevered, and after just over 10 months my hormones are now far more regulated and balanced, and my periods are very infrequent - although they can be up to 10 days long (before the implant my periods were usually 3-5 days maximum) they come every 2/3 months which is one of the nicer side-effects!

    Recently however I have noticed a tightening and tender pain, almost dull numb ache in my implant arm - that turns into a throb especially with moving, stretching, twisting or touching it. I have little strength in this arm and find it difficult to lift even light objects without help from my right hand! There is no redness or swelling, and I am unsure whether I have just badly bruised my arm as I have not noticed anything like this kindof irritation before with the implant, even after it was first inserted. If it continues I am planning on going back to the clinic where it was fitted to check it is still in the right place. I know it is very rare for the implant to move, but has anyone else felt a similar pain in their implant arm a while after it was inserted?
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    I had Implanon for 3yrs with no side affects and practically no periods, i had the Nexplanon inserted in my arm at end of Aug and had a period around 10th sep and have basically bled ever since (heavy) no weight gain which is a good sign but OMG if i dont see an improvement or a end of this bleed i am getting it took out

    I would advise you to get that thing taken out of you immediately. You do not want to risk the horrible side effects I have gone through these last 7 months. The weight gain, acne. I have also been bleeding ever since I got the implant put in so have lost a lot of blood due to that meaning I am now anaemic and have to take pills. They say you should wait a year for the bleeding to stop but believe me it is sooooo not worth it. And worst of all the constant depression and anger feeling. No matter what happens with the implant in I always feel down and angry at everyone and everything. Do not risk the same side effects as I have read a lot of people going through the same. Luckily I am getting my implant removed as soon as possible, can't deal with all the negatives when the only positive is not getting pregnant.
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    Not to freak anyone out but I have had mine in for just over
    5 month and I've had maybe 3days at a push were I haven't bled and I have had these strange stabbing pains in my arm it kills to touch it, I also get a cold feeling down my arm every now and then and most of the time I end up with an extremely heavy bleed. After all this I'm planning on getting it out ASAP as I'm now one moody cow ( normally a happy cheery person) i wouldn't recommend it to anyone but everyone is different and maybe it just doesn't like me :confused:..
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    I WOULD NOT get the nexplanon. I am so so looking forward to having it removed next week. I have had a none stop period since the day I got it...last August and have gained close to 30 pounds because of it. I never thought I'd say I actually miss taking a pill every single day, but I most defintiely do! If you want to stay the same person, without the mood swings and larger pants I would not get this implant.
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    I had nexplanon fitted in September since my stressful life and forgetfullness means I often forget to take the pill, and for the first 3 months it was the greatest thing ever - no mood swings which I got on the pill, no periods at all which was heaven, the only real side effect was spots and grease, but I've always been prone to them anyway, but now on month four I got my period and it was light at first, then gradually heavier and heavier, and it hasn't stopped for 3 weeks now which is hideous I know you can take a form of the pill with it to control the bleeding until it settles down if it ever does so I will try that but if that doesn't work then with ever so much regret I will have to get it removed because it's driving me up the walls - what's the point of a contraceptive that's easier than taking a pill but you have to take pills anyway or else you can't have sex and have an endless super-period?
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    had it for a year now, no periods, and no side effects
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    I have had nexplanon going on almost 2 months now. At first I loved it, I didn't really feel too hormonal aside from some crying here and there like I was still pregnant (just had a baby in october). Well then last month I got my period...first I had a few days of light spotting and that stopped, then a few days later more light spotting and then on the 3rd night I started gushing blood and passed a few clots this didn't let up for 8 more days. I have never had an 11 day period. Mine were always 5 days and very regular. I had also experience irregular cramping and abdomen pains throughout the month and still am this month. However, the biggest issue I am having with this is the hormonal side. I have gone from a fairly happy well-balance person to this raging psychotic person I literally spend most of my day forcing myself to be quiet and not say all the crazy mean thoughts in my head. I have found myself wanting to deliberately attack people and humiliate them and that is not me at all I usually stray from confrontation and stay quiet about someone unless it is to say something positive. But I am finding myself thinking super negatively and getting very easily angered and frustrated. I will give this birth control until I have had it for 6 months and if these feelings and long periods do not improve I am removing it.
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    I got nexplanon on jan. 14 2013. i got my period on feb 5th. now its March 3rd and guess what! Im Still bleeding!!!! my obgyn gave two months of birth control pills so hopefuly they stop my period. although, she told me to start them the sunday after i get my period. only problem is my period hasnt stopped so i dont know when its going to start. :/ i know the average womans cycle is 28 days but mine ranged from 25 to 34. PAIN IN THE BUTTTTT! :mad:


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