Nexplanon Reviews?

    I've had the implant for two weeks now, only problem I've had is that my arm swelled up pretty badly for a few days and it bruised EXTREMELY badly during the insertion process with some bleeding, and there is still bruising today. No mood swings, no period - I feel exactly the same as I did before I had it inserted. Although, I did have some sharp pains where the implant is in my arm and in the areas surrounding it for the first couple of days after insertion. Did anyone else experience this?

    Hi my implant stopped working on 28th January I haven't been able to have it removed yet as the doctors were full it's being removed on 3 April. But I had no periods while it was working, 1 in December. I've not bleed since I'm really worried
    The doctor said it doesn't matter it's in still in it isn't realising hormoans. How long did ur take you to have a period after it was removed?

    HI. I just went and talked to my doctor today about switching birth controls. I've been on the Nuva Ring for about 8 years now. From 16 to 24. My body has changed quite a bit in that time, and I thought maybe it was time to switch. My doctor suggested Nexplanon to me. That was the first time I had heard of it. It sounded great, until I started doing some research. I am incredibly nervous about the irregular bleeding for months at a time. I have never had heavy periods. The reason I started birth control was to regulate my period. I skipped often. I;m also nervous about weight gain and acne. weight loss would be ok with me haha, but the stories are making me second guess this. Any advice as to what I should do?

    I've had the implant inserted about six months ago now! After about two months my periods became slightly irregular, to the extent that I was constantly bleeding but only a little, and my actual period would return normally and pretty strongly every month. I went to the Doctors recently and he assured me that this should die down and return to normal after 9 months! :/ Emotionally though it's a real strain on me, it takes literally nothing and I'm crying and I can't quite work out why, I go through stages of about a fortnight where I'll just cry and feel utterly hopeless, like a dark cloud is constantly hanging over my head, then I'll pick myself up again and actually be cheerful for a while! Incredibly annoying but if you react this way also I'd say that the implant is totally worth it for the peace of mind, no matter how bad you feel you can at least find solace in the knowledge you're not likely to be pregnant! As far as I remember these annoying little mood swings and episodes were never here before the implant, that and the period issue is the only problem I can seem to find with it

    i got my implant last august. haven't gained weight, no skin changes, no hormonal issues, no sex drive changes, one weird day of bleeding in january but apart from that nothing

    only thing i would say is i can tell when i'm supposed to be on, like i still get back pain and i can feel that i am ovulating

    I've had the implant now for about 2 weeks and so far my period is late,no spotting, no other side effects - I am very impressed with it so far. Even my sex drive is fine.
    The one thing I don't understand is why people don't seek help for the non-stop bleeding. My doctor explained to me repeatedly that if this happens there is a pill you can take for a few weeks and it will make everything settle down. People live with this irregular bleeding for years and don't think to seek help?
    Also in response to people claiming weight gain - the logical explanation is that hormonal changes can make you hungry, it's not the implant making you gain weight, it's your inability to control portion sizes.
    In some cases I do agree that maybe the implant is not right for some people, but with some of the 'horror stories' I've read it just seems like people live with horrible side effects without caring to look into solutions.

    I got the implanion implant back in October 2010 and the first 9-12 months were ok was a bit snappy and had my normal periods once a month for the first 4ish months. Then about half way through the first year I spotted for about a month but regulated it with the pill I was on before the implant was fitted. After that I got them every 3-4 months now I've got the nexplanon that I had fitted august 2013 and it took 6 months before I started with a light period and back to normal now started gaining a little weight (2pounds) but that's the most which I'm not complaining because it's been 4 years with no pregnancy scares

    I've now had the implant for 8 months (since august). 3 weeks after getting the implant I had a period for 2 weeks.
    Since then I haven't had any bleeding.

    I'd say the implant may have made me more snappy at times and made me gain a little weight, although that may be my appalling diet since starting uni.

    However 7 months without a period and for peace of mind on the contraceptive front it's well worth it.

    If everyone experienced the implant in the same way as me I'd recommend it.

    I have had mine in for 3 years the end of this year and when I frist had it put in I still had my periods for 2 years and they lasted 2 weeks and now in janurary I had one period but I havent had one since and I put on about 1st after I had the implant in.

    Hey I've been using the implant for nearly 3 weeks now, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 27th of this month and today I've had spotting and belly cramps, just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be pregnant? Any advice?


    I got mine inserted a month ago. I was under the impression that the first 6-12 months would be irregular, but that I would still get my period every month. I am 4 days late now and I'm usually anxious about getting my period as it is. After reading these it is really good to know that other people didn't get their period for the first few months. I feel way better about it now, and like I can finally relax. I hope I'm one of those lucky people that don't have any side effects with it. I haven't experienced any so far and I absolutely LOVE not having to take a pill everyday. I'm terrible at that.

    Thank you so much to all the people sharing their experiences!! It is wayyyy more helpful than the pamphlet they give you when you get it inserted.

    I've had mine for over a year. I'm about to get it taken out, simply because it's driving me crazy. I have gained a ton of weight, my mood swings/emotions are all over the place, I find myself being quiet and reserved, almost in a depressed state. I'm usually a happy upbeat person, so I don't like feeling this way at all. My periods stopped about a month after I got it, that went on for the first 6 months. Then about November they started up again with heavy bleeding and more headaches. My period stopped again in March, it's now May and I still haven't gotten it. So time to switch back to no birth control I suppose.

    I got nexplanon 6 months ago, I get very little bleeding every month,and up until now has been great! but this month I've been feeling very hormonal and a couple of times I've felt nauseous.. (A couple of friends have had a bug so could be that) I'm still slightly worried tho.. Anyone else get any pregnancy like symptoms on the implant??

    I used to when I was on it but a nurse told me the hormones on it effectively trick your body into thinking you're pregnant

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