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Nexplanon Reviews?

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    (Original post by autonomousAlana)
    Hi, I have recently had the nexplanon contraceptive implant put in but really I want to know what it was like for you personally, whether it was good or the worst experience of your life.

    It was easy to put in, I didn't have my period for the first two weeks, after that I've been on my period since, it's heavy at first and now it is just spotting. I'm wondering does anyone else have this? It's kind of a mood killer, the constant spotting. Waiting till it's been six months, then I'll be able to have the implant removed :confused:
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    I had mine put in a few weeks after my son was born. March 15, 2015 (my extraction date) will make 3 years since its insertion. I've read that some women had no bleeding at all, but I only stop bleeding for a few days every few weeks. I bled for like 6 months straight right after I got it. I've gained about 40 pounds as well. This being said, I'm pretty depressed and I regret ever opting for the nexplanon. I was so proud of myself for slimming down after my pregnancy, but now I'm bigger than I was before I was ever pregnant! I can't wait to get it removed! My periods were always normal before Nexplanon. Now they come and go as the please (extremely frustrating). My extraction date is only a few months away, but I'm going to see about getting it out sooner. I feel like a different person lately. I'm clumsy, dizzy, always exhausted, irritable, and extremely emotional lately and I think it's because of my implant. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. My arm is still tender every now and then where they put the implant. The weirdest part is that it gets tender when I start to bleed. Nexplanon was definitely not for me, but I haven't gotten pregnant again. That's the only positive thing I have to say about my implant.
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    I've had nexplanon since Feb 2014 and it was great at first. Not I feel a stabbing in my implant arm that makes me think its broken when it feels fine to the touch, I've had constant spotting/bleeding for the last month, my mood went from loving life and my family to me not wanting to be around my fiance or kids for more then 5 minutes before I have a panic attack. I am getting mine taken put asap. I hate lashing out and not realizing it until its too late and this bleeding has got to stop. Really puts a damper on being engaged! DONT GET IT! IT WILL SEEM GREAT AT FIRST THEN COMPLETELY CHANGE YOU!
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    Hello! I've had the Nexplanon for almost 2 months now. Right after the 1 month of the Nexplanon I bleed for 4weeks straight. My periods weren't heavy only enough to wear panty liners (like heavy spotting). My bleeding finally stopped!
    I haven't gained weight yet due to that I'm currently active, exercise, and try to eat healthy. I have just noticed that the bruising from the implenon hasn't disappeared after 2 months due to that I lift weights.
    Also I have noticed that I'm in a horrible mood lately.. Worst than what I was. Other than that I love not being on the pill! It's great totally recomend it. Nexplanon is clinicly proven not to make you gain weight. People who have gain weight on the Nexplanon are finding an excuse to blame the weight gain on the birth control.
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    Ive had mine in since 2010. NO PERIODS FOR 4 YEARS. :smug:

    I did get a little but of weight gain, but im not sure if it was because of a change in lifestyle (got lazy and ate more), or because of Nexplanon. A bit of exercise quickly sorted that out and as long as i keep active i dont have any side effects.

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    I had trouble taking pills as it make me feel really sick, so the implant was the next best option for me! I got it in late November and for the first few weeks felt fine and normal. But now I've been on my period since the 4th of January and I'm allready finding it unbearable! I just hope that it doesn't carry on for too much longer as I'd rather avoid taking the pills that help regulate periods, only because the reason I went on the implant was so that I wouldn't have to constantly take pills and feel sick all the time!
    The other issue for me is my confidence levels have just dropped massively, I just want to hide in massive jumpers so people cant see the spots literally covering my chest and back, its bad enough having acne on my face as it is! And all this has been since I had Nexplanon put in. I never had an issue with spots apart from the slight one or two when I was on the pill.
    Adding to the massive lack of confidence my mood swings are literally everywhere! One minute I'll be bursting into floods of tears and the next I'll be shouting at my partner to just leave me alone! It makes me feel like I treat him horribly especially as I don't really want him to leave me because then I get all emotional and think I'm a total loner in the world! I've always been quite emotional but never this bad!
    I know I haven't been on Nexoplanon for long and hopefully things will change soon! But there must be a way for people to be able to reduce these side effects without having to go to pills!
    Its just mainly the acne and bleeding that get on my nerves because they just make me feel depressed and think that my partners not interested in me any more, I know this is definitely not true and is just the Nexplanon making me think differently
    In reality he treats me amazingly and supports me in everything I do! And I'd have taken it out already if it wasn't for him!
    I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas how to reduce the side effects?
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    I had the implant for 3 years was great apart from I didn't no when my period was coming or anything there was no regular times at all I'm now on the 2nd one it's due out jam and I carnt wait my periods are lasting 2 weeks of more it's driving me mad I've gone of sex completely just don't feel like it and I get moody so quickly


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Updated: January 23, 2015
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