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Nexplanon Reviews?

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    I bled for a month at a time when I first got mine but then after 6 months my periods stopped altogether Thinking of carrying on with implants even though I have no need, just so I don't have to have periods again
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    UPDATE : Good News Spotting For 8 Days But Now Starting To Regulate Periods Now Lighter But Last For A Week And Light Cramping Cant Complain Only Coming Up To The 5 Month Mark On The 26th x
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    Hello.. I'm a little younger than majority of you, I'm actually 14. I had the Nexplanon implanted into my arm on 26/06/2015 which was 3 days ago. I know it's a little early to be experiencing any side affects, but so far I seemed to look a lot slimmer. And also the day I want to get the implant, was the day my period started... I had pains until I got the implant done, and since then I haven't had a single period pain.. And I have dysmenorrhea(agonising periods) and I also have heavy periods.. But since having the implant I went light, and now my period has stopped and I only have spotting. And another thing is since getting the implant I've been a lot happier, and bouncy. Yes I've had the odd faint feeling and headache, but nothing major. And I'm a teen so of course I'm going to have spots. But I only seem to have one. So my review so far on Nexplanon is a 7/10, I don't like the cold trickling feeling it gives me.
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    I had my nexplanon implant just about a year and a half until I decided to finally take it out because it was a massive pain in the backside. I've never been prone to getting pimples but suddenly I kept getting huge pimples all the time, gained weight and bled irregularly and was just miserable. Sometimes my period would be regular but then I'd go six or eight weeks without any bleeding and then I'd bleed for absolute ages. Sometimes it'd stop two or three days and then it'd start over again.

    I finally took my implant out two weeks ago and to my dismay I'm STIL bleeding even though it's slowing down. I was on the pill (progestogen only) so I'm assuming it's the hormones taking some time to get out of my system but it's very frustrating. Hopefully it'll slow down and go back to normally.
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    Wouldn't recommend implant at all. I'm 17 so hormones are already all over the shop. However, I'm usually bright and cheerful, my relationship with my boyfriend is usually amazing and we get along very well in all ways... Now I'm insane, I feel depressed, headachey and nauseous the majority of the time. I'm an emotional wreck and it's destroying my relationship within the boyfriend and my family; I'm miserable. The bleeding is a pain but not too bad because I'm still able to have sex quite regularly though my drive isn't as much as it was when I first started having sex. Getting it removed asap as I can't cope with the emotional mood swings and self loathing. Effective and gives you piece of mind but depression is not something I'm willing to endure.
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    I've been on Nexplanon for just under 2 years now. Im 24 and when I first had the implant done I was a slim size 8/10 with 32A chest. Now Im a size 12.. 14 in some shops and a size 32D. My periods come monthly for about a week but irregular times and then for a few random days after going on for about two weeks... Ive been on the fence about keeping it just for the sheer fact that i'm protected with my boyfriend but I feel as though the weight gain is getting me down a lot.. has anyone else experienced alot of weight gain?
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    I had the implant put in 9 month ago touch wood I still hadn't my period which is lucky but the bruise what you get man is horrid but I look at the good side for it knowing that I never getting pregnant is great but before I had it in I was horrid on the pill lucky 2 before Christmas it went in had a massive bruise there now again a get a dull pain behind the scar but it so worth it having it
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    (Original post by autonomousAlana)
    Hi, I have recently had the nexplanon contraceptive implant put in but really I want to know what it was like for you personally, whether it was good or the worst experience of your life.

    It brilliant having it in only bad side effects is having really bad mood swings can happen form being happy to mad I nearly got kicked out off college form it but hey am still at college with a happy personality but when I started felling tired I turned to the energy cans but I have been warned for it but I have 2years still go hope it stay like this having no period
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    Get it removed asap dont hesitate any longer. I have had all these symptoms and more, and my family hate being around me sometimes. They dont go away they just get worse. Iv had mine in 8 months and im finally having it removed tomorrow. Iv always been a happy go lucky and bubbly person but im very snappy, get very frustrated, angry at the slightest thing, get very emotional over spilt milk. And over the last few weeks iv come out in a lot of acne which iv never suffered from and my hair and skin especially my face is very greasy..... Role on tomorrow. I cant wait to feel like my normal self again. The doctor did tell me to give it time to settle but i think 8 months is long enough. Nothing got better it just got worse!!!!
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    Just to add some diversity to the thread: I've had Nexplanon for 3 months now after taking the Rigevidon pill for 18 months - I looked at this thread when I first got it and seeing other people's experiences terrified me! But I have experienced no side effects at all other than a bad headache that wouldn't go away for the first 2 weeks. I've had no bleeding, no weight gain, no mood swings, nausea, anything!

    I wonder if maybe the people who have had good experiences are less likely to comment on the forum? So sorry to hear of all these awful experiences
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    im 21 and had my implant for about a year and half now, i was the a slim size 10 and now im a size 14 all since having my implant, i go to the gym daily eat healthy and walk everywhere and cannot shift any of the weight. I've been on the fence too, booked to have mine taken out soon as I dont think the peace of mind knowing im protected with my boyfriend is worth the way i feel about myself when there are other options.
    dont worry, youre not alone!
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    I was on it for a year and loved it, no bad side effects, no bleeding.
    I had it removed as i thought it was causing a labido problem (it wasnt).

    Ive had it put back in recently and ive got constant brown blood with occasional redder fresher blood. Its not enough for a tampon which is my preference, so im making do with light towels.

    I didnt have this the first time, has anyone had this and it went away?

    I've had my implant for 4 months now and it is the best type of contraception 100%.
    I had my period for the first 2 months but it was a strange sticky kind of blood (gross I know) and they lasted about 2 or 3 days. Since then I haven't had a period.
    Admittedly I do get headaches occasionally but nothing to worry about I don't bother with pain killers or anything and it hasn't affected my weight or skin which worried me the most.

    Getting it put in was painless and incredibly quick and they keep it confidential even at GPs.


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Updated: November 15, 2015
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