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Nexplanon Reviews?

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    I couldn't explain all these side affects but when I went to the family planning clinic to discuss sterilisation the doctor asked me if I had experienced such and such...and ran through lots of things and I had experienced most of them. I had no idea they were connected to the implant but she advised that most female NHS workers on contraception use the Mirena coil as the side affects aren't mythical, they're very much a reality.
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    I got it 4 months ago and i've been on a constant period since. Im always feeling sad and my stomach hurts, considering getting it out asap
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    i had a constant period for 3 months and then it went away and haven't had a period since, that was over a month ago! never felt better, also its the only protection i use when having sex and i haven't got pregnant yet so i guess its doing its job hahah
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    Today marks two months with the nexplanon in. I switched from the pill to nexplanon and I got it inserted while my period was on. My period went off like it was suppose to and since then I haven't had a period. I did have some mood swings when it was first inserted but they have subsided. I have headaches but I was already having headaches before nexplanon which they are starting to go away also, and I have acne which is trying to go away also. So, so far everything is going well
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    Today marks two months of me have the nexplanon. I switched from the pill to nexplanon. I got the nexplanon inserted while my period was on. My period went off on the right day and everything. Since that period i havent had a period or spotting. I have had mood swings but they have gone away i also had headaches but i had them before the nexplanon insertion. I also have acne and bloating but they are also going away. So, so far the nexplanon is going well for me
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    I just got it fitted last Thursday and I really hope I'm lucky enough to not have a constant period and loads of negative side effects
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    I have had nexplanon for almost 3 years and it is due to come out. I got it for college, but it actually contributed to me dropping out, due to medical issues. I had a severe bleeding episode in November of 2013. I was hospitalized for 5 days and given two bags of blood. I have since, had excruciating cramps, 20 day periods, sometimes two periods in 2 weeks, chronic anemia that I have not been able to overcome, and very heavy periods. I will never use nexplanon again, and now that I again have health insurance, I will be able to get it removed, and replace it with something a little less...life threatening....
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    I think personal experience completely depends on your body. Being on the mini-pill before hand is supposed to help (it's the same hormone and actually a lower dose in the coil). I was most worried for the procedure to have it put in but I actually thought that was ok, I got some pretty heavy cramps for the first few weeks but they're easing off now, no crazy periods or anything like that so far
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    I've had it now for almost two months and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it. The insertion was better than I thought it would be really and the bruising faded pretty quickly. Since then I've had constant cramping and spotting, but hopefully that will settle down after another month or so! The worst side effect for me is definitely the cramping, and I do get pretty bad backache that I've never had before. Everyone reacts differently though so I'd say it's worth a try!

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    Hi bunny200

    I know this is an old post but I was wondering. If you were able to get the implant out and how you felt after. I've been on it a year this month. And past 6 months have been hell I'm suffering really bad anxiety I'm dizzy all the time.
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    I got the nexplanon in a year ago this month. First 3 months were spotting for two weeks straight not bad at al concidering I used to have very heavy periods with severe cramps I'm talking pain so bad I would pass out if I didn't take Advil in time. Then they stopped it was awesome not having to deal with periods or pain. I was feeling really good up until August then the hell started I was rushed to the er my heart rate over 165 and bp very high I was so scared I thought I was gonna die. They did ct of my lungs cause they thought maybe I had a clot, did a bunch of blood tests did ekg checked my thyroid checked for any sign I had a heart attack all came back fine so they ruled it as tachycardia and gave me metaprolo. next week I was back to er for same thing they then think it's also acid reflux I've never had a problem with it before so I didn't understand it. Then a week later I'm back at the er same thing. I had to stop taking the metaprolo because it was causing me to have severe panic attacks. So They send me home with verapamil I take that about a week and notice my insomnia is so bad I'm up for or 24hrs the sleep about 4 hrs the next night then I'm up over 48hrs the next night I had to stop taking that cause I broke out with a rash all over my body. So they tell me to just try the melatonin to help me regulate my sleep and now my sleep is not bad I wake often but than god I can at least sleep a few hours a night. I've had so many tests done echo and stress echo been to two cardiologist. Had Lyme test lupus test parasite test glucose and liver enzyme tests all came back normal but the liver they saw it elevated so they did a hep test was negative so now they are gonna do an ulrtasound see why it's elevated. I've been on lorazepam now since sept. I use it to help me sleep which I'm slowly trying to get off that I'm on half mg I was on 1mg so not a high dose. But the symptoms I've been having since August seem to be worse I'm dizzy all the time I feel weak and pain in my muscles fuzzy vision head is so foggy and my thinking is so bad hard to concentrate on anything I feel I forget a lot. I feel this burning pain in my arms legs and chest. I feel so shaky inside sometimes. The lights bother me
    So bad In the stores I don't even wanna go in them I feel like I'll pass out. I know people are gonna say it's all anxiety and I agree I'm getting anxiety but I think it's caused
    From something else because I've never had this feelings until 6 months ago. And now my doctor wants to put me on an antidepressant I'm not wanting to go on that. I'm
    Posting on here cause I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything I'm going through while they are on the implant and if so were you able to go back to normal after getting it out and how long did it take. I have an appointment for it to come out in 2 two
    Weeks it stinks cause taking it out is my last option besides the antidpressint and that's a road I don't wanna go down. It's working awesome for the cramps and pain as I don't get a period but idk how much longer I can take feeling like this.
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    I've had the implant 3 years (it's just been replaced in Febuary). The main issue with it is for the first 6-12 months (for most people) your body is trying to adjust to the new hormone levels, so it does things you wouldn't expect. I suffer from migraines and depression, always have. Despite all the warnings I got off friends, family and doctors I got it done anyway and things were awful for 6 months. Everything got worse and my already irregular periods were horrific. But after that, nothing. Everything was fine. It hasn't stopped the migraines, or depression, but it hasn't made them worse. But it stopped my periods. And I've lost so much weight in the last year never mind the last 3! The only thing I'd recommend is if you get it replaced, don't forget what those first months were like, because it does come back. But it eases off again after a while. I like it.. I don't think I'm opting for anything else any time soon. But it affects everyone differently, so don't just read a review on here and decide. Do your own research and know what your body will accept and what it'll fight.
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    Commented on here when I'd had nexplanon for 3 months but thought I'd give an update now it's been over 6 months - I went from the combined pill to then implant and had it inserted whilst I was on my period. The process wasn't painful at all, but I did have a big bruise on my arm which was sore for a few days. My period went away as normal and I haven't had one since. The only real side effect I got was bad headaches for the first few weeks but that's it! It's been great, it's so good to have peace of mind and not to have to remember to take the pill every day. I haven't had any weight gain - in fact, my weight refuses to budge either way (which is fine!). I'd definitely recommend it

    Is it normal for the arm that your implant is in to feel dead and a little painful? This is the 2nd implant I've had now but my current one has only been in for 2 weeks. It feels like muscular pain from the site where my implant is, right to the lower part of my arm! I had this feeling with my last implant too but never this bad?
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    I got the implant mid january and the month after my period was late, but still came and ever since then i have had light bleeding, altogether i have been on my period for around 2 months and im hoping it stops very soon, has anyone else had this experience of a long period then none? thanks
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    I just got nexplanon put in my arm 2 days ago I'm having the symptoms of the flu. I have a fever and also the chillsand my whole body is aching. I don't know if I am actually sick of it is a side effect. But has anyone has this same side effect if so how long did it last? Can someone please respond as soon as you can. Thank you!
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    I had explain implanted 6 months ago. Nothing good about it. Constant bleeding whether it be pink red brown or black I he little time away fro "aunt flow". Then we move on the the body aches and weakness. Rt side chest pain. Finally pla. To have it remove
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    I have been bleeding for the last six months and not just bleeding it goes from red Bud to black blood to brown blood to clot's it is hideous I can count on my two hands the days that I didn't bleed for the last six months I feel body aches my bones hurt I I feel like I'm having some trouble with my vision it it's got to be related to that because of made no other changes and what other things and my missing or not attributing to my implant it's scary
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    (Original post by Heidi4820)
    I have been bleeding for the last six months and not just bleeding it goes from red Bud to black blood to brown blood to clot's it is hideous I can count on my two hands the days that I didn't bleed for the last six months I feel body aches my bones hurt I I feel like I'm having some trouble with my vision it it's got to be related to that because of made no other changes and what other things and my missing or not attributing to my implant it's scary
    Hi Heidi,

    Yea I had it in for about a year now and I've got the body aches and vision problems. I've asked so many times if it's from the implant and they keep telling me no I've have this and many other symptoms for about. 8 months now and they say it's your choice to get it out but then keep telling you it's not from the implant and refuse to take it out at least that's my experience. Gl with you hope you can find some one to help you and listen to you
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    I had the implant inserted about 6 days ago. On the 2nd day, I broke out in a red, hot and itchy rash. I bathed regularly and even took anti-histamines to see if that would calm it, which it has, but it's still itchy when I get warm. I'm getting s bit spotty and my moods have been all over the place. I hope it will calm down soon...


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