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How is everyone feeling about results? TSR poll!

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  • View Poll Results: How confident are you you've done well?
    100% confident i'll do well
    Possibly some unexpected results
    Could go either way, i'm not sure
    I'm preparing for the worst

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    Oh my god im dreading august!!! my birthday is on the 25th of august too and i really think ive done really bad! worst thing is i've been studying really hard but i just dont think it was enough!!!
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    I'm never confident! If I am, I've failed- I hate A-levels more than anything, Future hinges on it- I swear that they leave such a long period in between just to see us sweat
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    I feel sick, I few like I want to die every time I think about it.
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    Completely relaxed and enjoying my holidays!

    Will hit me in about a month unfortunately
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    Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.
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    I wish you all GOOD LUCK. Hope you get the results you want and need

    C'mon neg losers, what's wrong with that?
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    ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH just about sums of my feelings towards results day. I know for certain I haven't got the grade I want in chemistry, but bio and lit could go either way!

    I don't wanna think about it yet. Gonna enjoy summer (if you can call it that). What will be will be.
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    I thought all my exams went well, but I cannot say I feel confident, anything could happen really, depending on a lot of factors, I;m just hoping for the best. Feeling more and more nervous as the days tick by. Surprisingly, I was very confident after my last exam, how things change!
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    :crazy: like this
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    So not ready for this Crap i honestly don't wanna go through it ,i would rather have someone doing everything for me .

    I don't think i will be capable of going through clearing ,i need tips on how to handle the stress !
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    (Original post by musicmedic)
    Do you by any chance have the link to the old thread? Sounds like a good read!
    Sorry, can't find it. It was titled 'results day dreams and nightmares' or similar, and I was having a great laugh at it on the day before.
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    Everything went well at least I think, expecting 3As for my AS.
    However my Further Maths went horribly bad. Also flopped Critical thinking.

    With some uncertainty on my AS results, I can only say that it can go either way
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    (Original post by Alkain1607)
    I'm never confident! If I am, I've failed- I hate A-levels more than anything, Future hinges on it- I swear that they leave such a long period in between just to see us sweat
    I totally agree with you! I don't believe future actually be hinged on those A level stuff.

    And they probably laughing at us suffering and waiting for the results.
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    Why wasn't there a choice for.... Preparing to jump off a cliff?
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    Confident about Maths and Chem, English is the only one that worries me :/
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    Excited and impatient

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    Confident about Maths and Chem, English is the only one that worries me :/
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    Basically relying on the Uni being lenient and letting me in, its still in Extra so fingers crossed.
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    I know I've got an A/A* in maths ... and I think I am borderline A/B in further maths since I cannot do FP3 if my life depended on it
    Same but with FP2 instead for FM ( totally messed that up :facepalm:). The only reason I'm not having a complete breakdown about having probably got B's in psychology and FM is my insurance includes an AS :woo:.
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    i dont have no confidence so preparing for the worst however i have faith and hope so looking forward to the best...


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Updated: August 16, 2012
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