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PG student looking for flat share or flat mates in Uni of Greenwich area

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    Hi i'm Grace! I'm a 22 year old female who is going to start my MA (International Human Resource Management) in September at the Uni of Greenwich. Just wondered if anyone who already has a house is looking for a final or another flat mate, or whether there are any other people out there who want to find a house but too fewer people?

    Wouldn't mine other MA students or 3rd years, or anyone around my age whose main concern is to concentrate on their studies this year but who isn't not adverse to occasionally going out in the evening/weekend for a few drinks (to drown sorrows) or going further into London to see what it has to other (comedy shows etc.) However, am not party mad, and nor will I be this year.

    I'm a non - smoker, non recreational drug user & hygienic. Don't mind if its either males or females.
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    Hi Grace
    My name is Tamsin and I have a double room available in the house that I'm sharing with my brother and my friend. We are all medical students; my friend and I are 19, both girls, and are second years, whilst my brother is 21, 22 in Oct, and a third year.
    The house is in Canning Town, just opposite Star Lane DLR station. It has a large kitchen/diner, a TV room, a large garden, two bathrooms (one with a shower) and plenty of parking and good travel links.
    If you think you'd be interested, and like some more info, just gimme a PM and I'll give you my e-mail


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