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German to English Translation - WW2 personal note within 1939 Mein Kampf (1st ed)

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    (Original post by Bleak Lemming)
    Fingers crossed! I'm quite excited I'm really interested myself. Feels good to have a piece of history, would be amazing if I could find out who the man that it's been issued to is.
    Sadly my mum can make neither head nor tail of it! She reckons the middle line has the words "uber" and "nur" in it? (with umlauts ofc). Sorry to not be of more help
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    (Original post by Bleak Lemming)

    I have this book, 1939 publication of Mein Kampf (1st ed.) which has an interesting note in the start of the book. Could anybody translate the following for me? Would be good to know what it says.

    Any idea how much this is worth also?


    I think, the last words of the inscription are "... über Krieg und Frieden!"
    I'm trying to find out what the rest is saying, but it's a poor handwriting, don't get your hopes too high.

    the first word says "Soldat"
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    It's in Sütterlin, I think, which doesn't exactly help matters
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    (Original post by kasten)
    It's in Sütterlin, I think, which doesn't exactly help matters
    What an ugly script! Did they make it practically incomprehensible for a reason?! :confused:


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Updated: July 14, 2012
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