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How much on average does GYM Cost and how much do you pay?

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    How much on average does GYM Cost and how much do you pay?

    So i am thinking of going GYM, but have no idea how much it costs? or will cost?
    How much do you pay? Is it monthly, weekly or hours?

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    I pay £23 a month.
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    The gym at my uni is £82.50 for the year.

    However, it's undergoing refurbishment at the moment so I've had to join another gym which is costing £20 per month.
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    £30 p/m. I think £25-£35 may be the average
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    £24pm here, or for non-members it's £5.40 or so a session.
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    My uni is £50 a year

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    When you say £23 ~ etc PER MONTH

    Does that mean, UNLIMITED USE and UNLIMITED HOURS? I Can stay 8 hours a day if i wish?
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    Go to David Lloyds . £15 per Month. (cause i'm under 18 ). That's cause dad's on a weekend membership which is 20.. Still works out better then the standard which is 37and that's for completely unlimited use. i could spend everyday there if i wanted
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    Been on a gap year - so using a fairly local gym. Bloody expensive though - £44 a month.

    Can't wait to start using the university owned gym - much cheaper.
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    I want to go too! but yeah it is expensive.
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    I pay £5 every time i go. If you pay £40 a month and don't actually go then you've wasted money
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    member of bannatyne's and pay something around £40 a month
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    Pure Gym - £17.99 pm.
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    £72 for 3 months
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    £12 a month
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    £30 for full use of about 14 different gyms including all classes and the likes of badminton, as well as as much swimming as possible.
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    I only pay £8 a month (Glasgow Club - Young Scot card discount) although when I move for uni I think it's about £80 for the year.
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    Fitness First I pay £49 a month
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    I'm paying £15 per month. It's the cheapest I could find and have only just joined in June. Gives you unlimited access, so there's no off peak only use etc.

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    Damn I'm jealous of all of you lot, my local gym costs £69 a month for a STUDENT, for an adult it's £90something..


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Updated: July 18, 2012
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