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This girl likes me with short hair but not long hair, what do you think?

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    Yeah, basically there is this girl at my university who I have been doing some Spanish lessons with, and in return I help her improve her English, because I've always wanted to learn another language and obv. uni is a great opportunity for that.

    It also happens to be that this girl is really hot as well. Even though I can't prove anything and nothing has happened between us I think there is a mutual attraction there as well.

    When I first met this girl and for the first 3 weeks or so I was seeing her my hair was longer than I normally had it before. I have never actually had it long but it's just that normally I get it cut very short so for me it is.

    Because this girl is Spanish it is in her culture that you hug a boy and let him kiss you on both cheeks as a greeting. I noticed however, that when I got a haircut and my hair was really short the next time I saw her she didn't do anything but say hi.

    This was a recurring pattern I noticed and I'd never been rude or said anything wrong to her so I figured it could have only been this. I asked my friend and he said its because most guys in Spain don't get their hair really short like I do (I get basically a buzz cut but just with more hair on the top) and so it's not in their culture.

    So girls, I'm interested, would whether a boy gets his hair cut long, short, etc actually influence that much whether you find him attractive or not?

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    Your title is the wrong way round then.
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    I think it can definitely change attraction. As shallow as it sounds, I've found guys attractive with longer hair, then they get it cut shorter and the attraction just goes. I think it's just down to a person's preference


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Updated: July 14, 2012
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