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Renewal energy...... im not a rocket scientist, but.....

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    Some great debate in this thread..

    My personal preference for say the 2020-2050 period is an energy mix something like...

    60% Thorium nuclear
    30% Renewable (solar, geothermal, bio-fuel, tidal)
    10% Fossil Fuels

    On the subject of renewable...

    Wind is simply not good enough, it is primarily favoured because it is relatively cheap however it produces nowhere near enough electricity.

    Tidal is relatively expensive to build for obvious reasons although not bad (my least preferred renewable resource however).

    Solar is by far the best renewable, modern solar panels need only light (not direct sunlight) however they are relatively expensive.

    Geothermal is absolutely brilliant if you are in a volcanic nation, in the UK there are only limited areas where we can access sufficient heat.

    Bio-fuel is a great thing, though not as efficient.


    My preferred solution would be to approach energy consumption at a local level with two key proposals...

    1) Devolve energy to county authorities, north of Yorkshire and there is no real reason why you cannot power everywhere from renewables.

    2) Make it compulsory for each new property to be built with solar panels and a ground source heat pump, whilst this will push the price of the house itself up it will reduce both bills for the owner and lessen the strain on the national grid.


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Updated: July 20, 2012
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