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HELP!!!! BOYS AND GIRLS OPINIONS-Confused as to whether contact my ex.

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    Basically I am in two mindsets as to whether to contact my ex boyfriend or not.
    I will give some background information-We broke up at the beginning of May after a year together, he stated that it wouldn't work when I went to uni (very brief detail of what happened there were other things too) however, 2 weeks later he asked for me back and realised he had made a huge mistake , at the time I said no, I was extremely hurt and angry towards him and part of my pride got the better of me and I asked for him not to contact me as I wanted to focus on exams but,I did initially say I didn't want rid of him, I would still like to keep contact but, to contact him in my own time he said he'd like that.

    Basically 2 months on he has stuck to what I wanted and not contacted me,now I am getting a new phone and contemplating whether to contact him, I mean i would love to know how he is doing and how he is, as i still care and will always for him but, I guess im just scared it will backfire , I mean the worst consequence is that he could tell me to go away but, I just feel like there are some unresolved issues and i'm finding it hard to have closure.

    Is it a good idea?
    or am i just being stupid ?

    Sorry for rambling and I have actually kept it very brief in details haha
    Advice needed and much appreciated
    Thank you !
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    You said you would love to know how he is doing- there's your answer! You've got nothing to lose. If he is rude and doesn't want to speak to you then don't try to contact him again after that.

    Good luck!
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    To be honest, you need to ask yourself what you want to get out of contacting him. Do you want a relationship? Friendship? Or do you just want to check up on him?

    You need to decide what you want, and protect yourself in what you decide (any decision here could lead to pain and heartbreak)
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice, it's really helped me , I am going to contact him but I will take caution and if he does not want anything to do with me then that is ok too, at least I have tried to be civil
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    What do you have to lose? If you want to know how he is doing and said you will contact him in your own time, then IMO I would say do so :yep:


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Updated: July 15, 2012
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