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PUA followers are idiots

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    There are some admitted good points in it (like the Alpha Male concept), but the rest is just pseudo-psychology.

    Are guys who follow "PUA" retarded?
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    Some people contest the alpha male concept but I'm sure that it exists.

    I think that most decent guys take what they want from it to get a look in with potential interests - but after that they revert back to what they're actually like. I think it's better not to put on a front because she'll realise who you really are eventually. Then again, PUA is supposed to useful for men lacking in confidence who need that little bit of an edge.

    If you take some of its premises such as not making yourself too available to the other person, then that's useful advice. It stops guys getting friendzoned as easily.
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    (Original post by Lucia.)
    Some people contest the alpha male concept but I'm sure that it exists.
    Alpha males exist in that women are attracted to strength and confidence.
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    Exactly. I don't contest.

    Some people do, but I reckon that those people aren't alpha haha :p:

    What I'm saying is that, it's useful to apply some of the techniques but it'd be really dishonest to go the full way with it. PUA has seedy undertones because it's designed to pull and not to being long term romantic relationships with women. Many women can pick up on it too.

    I don't like the technique called "negging" when a guy might say something like, "I like your dress. I never knew cheap clothes could look so classy" or something like that. I mean, I'd just think that was rude.

    Then there might be some half-way neg where you walk into a room, see an attractive woman but don't acknowledge her initially. This might throw her off because she is used to getting immediate attention from a man. If a man shows that his feathers aren't ruffled by the presence of an attractive woman, then he appears more attractive himself.


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Updated: July 15, 2012
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