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How close should his ex be?

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    Okay new thread. I hope this will remain anonymous as my friend may see it.

    My friend has been dating this for a few years now - I think 3 years. Her boyfriend is very close to his ex. They regularly go out clubbing together and meet up. His ex sometimes outdoes her with the Xmas present she gets him. My other friend thinks that this girl's bf is too close to his ex, and I reckon my friend may be worried about this since she saw reason to mention it.

    I'm not going to bring this up with her unless she asks because I don't think it's my business. But I wanted to hear your thoughts...

    If a guy is very close friends with an ex, is it a bad sign? And to TSR women, would this scenario worry you? How close should an ex be?
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    Yes it would probably worry me, depending on how long they had dated, how serious it was and how long ago it was.
    If they genuinely seem like reasonable friends then there is no issue, but the whole 'buying Christmas presents' and going clubbing together, seems as though they are very close friends or perhaps something more.


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Updated: July 15, 2012
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