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Would you pay £1600 for a ticket to the Opening Ceremony ?

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    I wouldn't even consider it.
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    (Original post by Arekkusu)
    If I was a real person with a job and such I might consider it, just to say to my grandchildren I'd been to the historic Olympics
    Who knows in their time might have been another London Olympics.....just a thought
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    Despite this being well within my financial means, the answer is still a resounding '**** no'.
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    I'm in the OOC & OCC and they're shaping up to be absolutely amazing, gutted I don't get to watch it but if I wasn't in it, I would

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    no, you'd get a better view watching it from TV anyway
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    It depends on how much you value the event not how much we value it.

    Use your ambition and financial situation to come at a decision because other people will be in different situations to you.
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    I'd love to be present for an international event that has been anticipated since I was 14, but for £1,600 you can **** off.
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    I would rather go on holiday and enjoy a place far away from all that commotion as I live in London
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    (Original post by extom)
    I 've just been on the official ticket website and there's still tickets available for the opening ceremony. There's two choices left £1600 each or the rather strangely priced £2012 each.

    bear in mind what you're paying to see is a field with some animals that's meant to represent the British countryside and a concert, is it really worth £1600 to see that?
    no, never. Even if the ticket was free i wouldn't go - sounds boring, and not my kinda thing! Only thing i'd pay to go see is women's beach volleyball!
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    I don't think I would even pay £50 or £20 or whatever for a ticket to it. I'm not really that interested in it all.
    Though I do understand why some people would pay those amounts for a ticket, as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

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    I genuinely would need to be paid to go. No interest whatsoever.
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    No I wouldn't. Though I'd love to be a part of it. Only if I had a lot of disposable income:daydreaming:...
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    I paid over £2000 for a hospitality ticket.
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    Not unless I had the money.
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    I kno it's all about the experience, and you probably won't see another Olympics live until you're 80! But you can watch it all on TV to be honest, and you could buy a car for £1600, go on a very nice holiday, or put down a deposit for a flat!
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    i have a free ticket to the opening ceremony technical rehearsal, how much would that sell for?
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    No I would not.
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    If I were really interested in going there and have enough money, I'd might get it. But I don't want to go, and I don't have the money /:
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    Nahhh, not even if I had the money.
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    No, if I had that money. I would like to spend it on some music and probably buy a decent new PC (that can play PC games, at least the Steam sale would actually mean something to me ).


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