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Working at Boots?

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    I am considering applying for a job at boots,(on the make-up counter)
    Just wondered if anyone has worked there and could tell me what its like?
    I have no sales experience, would that matter much?
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    hey there trust me sales experience doesn't matter as long has you got customer service experience you should be fine! just be yourself show a positive attitude, smile, and show that your committed to the company. I have worked in boots before and just had a friendly approach during the interview which got me a job has a xmas temp! Good luck! x
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    I've been working at boots for the past 2 years now, not on a make up counter but as a sales assistant, and I like it! Sometimes if you're put on the tills during a quiet time it can be really boring but you'll get that in any job. You get to know your regular customers really well which is an aspect I really like, and regarding the interview I went in straight after my gcse's having never had a job before so I had no previous experience and got the job, so unless that's changed recently I don't think it's a requirement! Just be yourself in the interview, and smile a lot! Good luck
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    Thanks alot!
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    Is it easy to get a transfer to another store in boots? Do you have to go through a new application online then interview thing even though you work there or can I just call up a manager at a different store to say I would like a transfer?
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    hi, I'm due to start work at boots on Saturday but I am concerned as I have just got my cartilage pierced on my ear :/ will they make me take it out? What's the rules on jewellery? thanks xx


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Updated: February 21, 2013
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